Individual Photographs for Communications Consultancy

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Photography of company employees at work in their London offices.  These images give a sense of the surroundings.  The pictures have been used on the website of this corporate, financial and political communications consultancy –

Chairman profile photograph on communications company website

head shot of staff member for new website

Photographs of Communication Company Employees in London offices Photograph of company secretary for website

Executive - photograph on website taken in London offices Account executive photographed by Piranha for corporate website  staff member head shot on website

Head Shots for Company Website

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Headshots are often required for company website and are useful for many other materials which businesses need to send out to stakeholders and customers.

Head shot of Director on Corporate Company Website - CEO

Head shots of Directors on Website taken in London

Photography of Management Team and Investment Managers for Private Equity Company

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Below are a few of the selected photographs taken of the Management team and also Investment Managers for this private equity company in London.  The photographs here featured on the company website –

Managers Portrait Photography –

Website showing Photographs of all Managers in London Photogrpahy of Managing Partner taken by Piranha Photograph of Private Equity Company Partner

Investment Director’s Photography –

A few of the Invesment Managers’ photographs can be seen here and more on their website –

Photograph of Investment Manager - shown on Company Website Investment Director shown in London offices on Company Website Photograph of Investment Manager taken in London Portrate of Investment Director at Private Equity Company Offices

Accountancy Firm – New Portraits for Website

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This firm of accountants commissioned photography of their staff members for use on their website and other materials.  Here you can see a couple of the photographs taken by Piranha in use on the site –

Accountancy firm portraits on website screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-16-22-07

Hi Samantha, Thank you for getting these back to us so quickly, they are fab! Thank you - National Marketing & BD Assistant

New Headshot Photographs for Website

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New headshot photographs taken for London company to use on their website. Here are a couple of examples taken from the site –

Headshot photographs for company

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-15-05-27Headshot - black and whiteheadshot in black and white

Photography of Children with their Families for Jeans for Genes

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The charity Jeans for Genes helps children affected by genetic disorders.  Here are a couple of the families we have photographed this year –

Photography of children suffering from genetic disorders for use on their webiste Mother and daughter for charity - showing children suffering from genetic disorders Mother and children suffering from genetic disorders

Company Websites

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Some clients need both portraits of their employees and also photographs of their offices to give a sense of what the company does day to day.

A photograph in use on Client website showing cafe life in shared office space

Portraits of Directors

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Wyevale Garden Centres commissioned photography of their Directors at the Syon Park garden centre.  The photographs give a strong sense of what the company does and are used on their website and literature.

Management Photographs taken at Garden Centre

Wyevale website - Board of Directors page showing photographs

Wonderful Sam thank you for these! It was a wonderful day yesterday, perfect for the occasion. Doug was fantastic and the finished producs look great. Kind regards,

Website Photography for Private Equity Company in London and Guernsey

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Photography for leading private equity company – a number of days of photo shoots to generate a large selection of images for the website and literature.  The photography took place in both London and Guernsey, and included portraits of individuals –

A number of meeting photographs featured on Private Equity company website Photography of meeting at Private Equity Companies offices Photograph of PE company directors in conversation Portraits of private equity company directors for website Photography of director in meeting for website Guy hands in meeting at Terra Firma Guernsey - photograph on website Meeting in London photograph on company website Meeting photograph in Terra Firma's offices

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