Technical - Corporate Photography Equipment

We only use the best, fully professional photographic equipment. Our new Sony cameras provide super-fast auto focusing, image stabilisation and face and eye recognition. For reportage work, where discretion is critical, we favour Leicas.

Sony Cameras

The facial recognition abilities of our new Sony cameras mean they can keep faces in focus even when the subject leans forward to emphasise a point. When we film at very shallow depths of field, the resulting video footage looks truly cinematic.

In addition, these cameras have built-in 5 axis stabilzation for sharper photographic images at all shutter speeds, and much smoother video transitions.

Piranha brings at least two cameras to every shoot, with an array of lenses, to provide for any eventuality, including impromptu expansions of the client's brief.

Sony A7ii cameras
Sony A7ii cameras
My firm has hired Douglas for our corporate shots for nearly 10 years and we have never been disappointed with the results
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Leica M240 Cameras

We have recently added the Leica M240 digital rangefinder to our equipment line up. This small camera is wildly over-engineered but, as a result, offers an unbeatable fusion of simplicity married to the highest technology. When twinned with our range of precision Leica lenses, we have produced fantastic results with this camera.

When on reportage assignments, when we must be discreet, and need to work with almost silent shutters, then this Leica is the best choice, bar none. This tough, durable camera has captured many, if not the bulk, of the most memorable and iconic images for the past century.

Its rangefinder design does not extend across the face when the camera is held to the eye, unlike a normal SLR which covers the face. This allows the photographer to blend into the background, be less noticeable and also far less intimidating. For example, on company boardroom shoots, we find that busy directors often have little idea that someone is capturing images for the annual report, resulting in compelling sets of unposed, natural photographs.

Leica M240 Cameras
Leica M240 Cameras
Leica cameras are the ultimate in build and lens quality, and of all the cameras I have ever used these are the only ones with soul.
Douglas, Photographer


Lenses are THE most important piece of kit, more important than any camera as they will determine the quality and nature of the final image. We only use top of the range Leica and Zeiss professional lenses. Not only do they have very fast apertures for use in low light, they have higher quality glass, coatings and seals to maximise image contrast and for colour accuracy.

We regularly use every size of lens in a single shoot, from the 15mm wide angle to show an entire room or venue, through to the incredible Leica 90mm APO Summicron for pinpoint detail. These lenses produce the sharpest portraits on the market. They are an amazing technical achievement, engineered so that red, green and blue light all focus on the same point for ultimate sharpness. In addition we have lenses up to the super telephoto 300mm f2.8 for long distance work, such as conferences, where we are still able to produce tight shots of subjects.

The Sony cameras, with their huge full frame 24 megapixel sensors, offer very attractive images and shallow depths of field. We continually invest in our equipment, so that our clients continue to enjoy the very highest quality photographic images in their annual reports, brochures and websites.

Camera bag
Array of lenses and equipment
I work with Douglas regularly as his work is always of the highest quality. He works extremely well with our clients and understands and interprets briefs brilliantly

Studio Fast Computers, Software and Backup

Our technical team will retouch images where necessary using Photoshop on Apple Mac Pros. For video editing we use FinalCutPro. We deliver a fast and efficient turnaround of any digital media as required.

Client images are backed up daily three times over, and stored in two separate locations for extra security.
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