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Corporate Photography & Videography Client Testimonials

We would like to thank our clients for their kind words relating to the corporate photography and video the team has carried out for them - 'straight from the horses mouth'.

The testimonials relate to a wide variety of corporate photographs commissioned for annual reports, portraits, events and PR as well as for literature and business video. Piranha Photography has many recommendations from clients, a few can be seen above and below.

“For me and so many colleagues, having your photograph taken is an embarrassing chore. Douglas is so skilled at handling people he achieves the impossible; he actually makes it fun and something to look forward to.”

“I don’t know quite how they do it, but Piranha Photography never seem to be fazed or flustered, even when we’ve changed time and venues at short notice, or suddenly asked them to shoot the whole of our executive team at a single session for their LinkedIn profiles, presenting a big logistical challenge. They are simply great at what they do.”

“I am super impressed by Doug Fry. He’s a really experienced commercial and business photographer, and must have been on hundreds if not thousands of corporate photoshoots. But he retains the freshness and interest of someone new to the profession, and no matter the occasion or how short the notice, he’s always cheerful, fully engaged and creative. The photographs he takes speak for themselves.”

Douglas takes a brief well and adds his own experience to produce excellent results for media and website. He knows the level of creativity required for each outlet. He is efficient, personable and turns around work very quickly
PR client