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Private Equity Company – Partners Portrait Photography

Black and white photography of director at private equity company in London

Private Equity Company – Partners Portrait Photography

This London based private equity company – FirstPoint Equity, required Piranha to take and provide black and white portrait photographs of their partners for use on their website.

The images were taken in a board room environment as ‘working’ shots.  The final pictures give a relaxed and engaged look to the individuals.

Website - top bar showing company name Photography of Private Equity Company Partner for use on Website - Black and white shot Head shot of partner in Private Equity company offices - black and white image Partner photographed for company website

Colour portrait of partners - photograph taken in London 2021

In 2021 FirstPoint Equity Commissioned New Photography

Colour photograph for private equity client's website

For the photography in 2021 FirstPoint Equity decided to use colour photography for their website.

This was true of the image above as well as the various portraits on the company’s team page –

Portrait taken in London - colour Partner featured in colour in 2021


Hi Samantha, The guys really enjoyed having Douglas photograph them today. Very funny and personable as well as being very professional and knowledgeable. We also added two more to the mix. Looking forward to seeing the results, Kind regards,
;) Great work by the way. The guys are really pleased. Definitely would recommend Douglas.