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Website Photography for Barristers Chambers in London

Photograph on barristers chambers website

Barristers chambers website showing photography by Piranha Photography

Barristers chambers website photography Barristers chambers website photography - working meeting photography Meeting photography for barristers website

Website Photography for Barristers Chambers in London

Here we show a variety of photography taken by Piranha for a number of barristers chambers.

This first barristers chambers in central London commissioned a number of days of photography to generate a library of images which could be used to illustrate their new website pages.  The selected images appear as banners at the top of the pages and throughout the site.  When taking the images thought was given to how the final photographs would be cropped to create long thin pictures – ‘letterbox shaped’, which would fit into the website’s design.

Headshot photography also took place on the days so that each barrister would have a professional head shot for the website and use in other materials.

Head shot photography for barrister’s website

Piranha photography was commissioned for a large photography project by a set of barrister’s chambers in London, to get a strong set of profile images for the home page of the firm at Lincoln’s Inn Fields. The project required careful planning and had a tight schedule, to make sure all the fee earners were photographed correctly and the website launched on time.

Barristers Chambers Photography - Building

Profile Photograph of Barrister for Website

Review on LinkedIn received from client in marketing department of barristers chambers –

LinkedIn review from barristers chambers in London

Photography in London and Paris

A number of days of photography were commissioned for the below barristers chambers in both London and Paris.

The photographs taken were portraits of the barristers and also working office pictures featuring the various teams at work, as shown here.

Barristers website photograph


We used Douglas for all of our chambers photographs for our new website and he was fantastic! The photographs were brilliant and he put members and staff at ease. Highly Recommend. – Client