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Business Website Photography for Coffee Company’s New Website

Photograph taken in coffee shop for business websitePhotography of the process invovled in in making the coffee

Business Website Photography for Peaberry Coffee Company’s New Website

Peaberry coffee company, based in Hampshire required reportage website photography for the business’s new website.

Peaberry wanted to show their approachable members of staff and also use reportage coverage of the team at work, highlighting the care and attention they invest in the coffee making process. The business sells coffees direct to customers and also prepares the coffee beans ready to sell as packaged filter coffee, to customers in the shop and online.

An enjoyable day of photography with a brief that allowed a fair amount of freedom to shoot and arrange any shots that appealed in the coffee roasting, as it included plenty of energy, restoring cups of coffee and an opportunity to meet the team in person.

Photograph of shop owner at entrace to coffee shop

The new website’s photography brief

The brief from the designer for the new website photography was to capture a collection of animated photographs so that there would be a library of images to draw on when building Peaberry’s new website.

The coffee company were extremely happy and relaxed about spending a morning showing the photographer around the shop and coffee grinding equipment and posing for the photography. We covered the whole process of making coffee photographically from pouring the beans into the grinder through to collecting the coffee grounds and then making and ultimately, selling the coffee. There were a number of happy customers in the shop who were relaxed about appearing in the pictures.

Action photography of the coffee making process from start to finish

The below photography was to generate a library of ‘behind the scenes’ photographs of the love and attention involved in preparing quality filter coffee from the raw ingredients – coffee beans.  The style of photography was very much documentary coverage.

Reportage photography of business grinding coffee beans

business website photography of coffee machine grinding the beans

Ownder operating machine - photographer on location

Website photography of business operations

Photography of the team serving customers

The Peaberry team were at first not sure about being photographed themselves but soon warmed up and enjoyed the photo shoot.  I think their characters really shine out in these photographs.

Business website Photography in Andover Hampshire

staff photographed working in Hampshire shop

Final finsihed website

The final finished Peaberry Coffee website prepared by Heat Design looks fantastic and provides a way of buying the ground coffee direct from the seller as well as from his shop.  The use of a combination of colour and black and white photographs makes the site particularly visually interesting.

New website photography for coffee company

Social media use of the photography

One of the off shoot uses that the photographs have been put to and have helped to boost sales alongside the new website was presenting the photographs on social media as a way of advertising Peabody’s products. The images appeared on Facebook and Instagram.  The new website and social media were such a success that the shop sold out of coffee almost overnight.


photograph taken by Piranha being used on social media - facebook and Instagram posts to boost sales


Things to consider when arranging website photography

A few things we recommend giving some thought to prior to the day of photography –

  1. Will you want reportage of your factory/shop to show the everyday workings of the industry?  If so make sure enough time has been allocated to this.
  2. You might want to combine this photography on location with team shots of the staff members – makes sure they have been warned in advance so can prepare for the photo shoot.
  3. Does the web design dictate colour or black and white photography or perhaps a combination of the two?  It is a good idea to give thought to how the final images will appear before the day of the photography. The size and crop of the images can then be planned by the photographer


Samantha, Douglas has really done an amazing job bringing out Vix’s character and inner beauty as well as exterior of course ;-) She is not keen on her photograph being taken as she is always very self conscious and never wears a stick of make up! I am quite taken aback at how very well he has pulled off such a challenging task. I like my lot as well and feel that he has achieved the objective of showing the Artisan roaster in a natural light. I think perhaps though I should start wearing a little make up myself ;-) Thank you for sending these over so quickly. I love the photography on our website and could not be more grateful for the work you have done. Best wishes G