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The team at Piranha Photography are always busy on a variety of commissions in London and across the UK as well as abroad. This blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our business photography and corporate video work.

LinkedIn Recommendation from Internet Technology Company for Outdoor Photography

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Photograph of Staff Member in Shoreditch
Portrait taken in Hoxton - LondonHead shot for company taken outdoors
company portrait taken in London streetPhotograph taken outdoors in London of staff member
Photograph taken outdoors for technology company
Head shot taken in London Street

Piranha spent a few days photographing the staff of this internet technology company.

The brief was to capture a sense of the office location in Hoxton, London.  The photographer used a shallow depth of field and a large reflector so as to retain the vibrant colours in the street. This method allows for a more eye-catching set of website images, especially when used with a text overlay/logo, rather than the typical grey or white indoor portrait. Each person was out of the office for about 10 minutes during the photo shoot, this allowed time to get some different portrait options.

Recommendation from LinkedIn Internet Technology Company

Hi Sam, Thank you for the photos. We loved it and we loved Douglas too! Thanks! Best, Nicole

Team Photographs for Astarte Capital Partners

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New photography was taken of Astarte Capital Partner’s London team at their offices in South Kensington. Their fantastic offices afforded an excellent backdrop for the portraits, and provided a choice of images for their website and other materials –Banner or websitePortraits on website

Portraits taken in South Kensington offices for company's team page on their website

‘Business Leader’ Article Featuring Portrait Photograph of Private Equity Partner

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Its always been true since the days of film, if you can get a good business portrait to support an article then a magazine or newspaper will always run it bigger, a simple headshot is fine but its generally printed like a passport photo, A more considered image with an interesting background will be printed large giving your company better PR and exposure.

Portrait appearing in business magazine

Keeping clients, journalists and publishers happy with fresh and contemporary photographic content

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Portrait Photograph of Director taken for London private equity business by Piranha Photography

Above photograph featured in Private Equity International

Commercial photographic content is constantly evolving and it’s important for me as a professional photographer to hear the latest views from leading companies, agencies, publishers and editors.

Last week, I booked myself on a commercial photography weekend with Magnum Photo, where The FT Weekend Magazine, Diana Markosian (World Press Photo Award Winner), ‘Barbara’ the lifestyle/advertising and design agency and ’Shoot Europe,’ a production company whose clients include Nike, shared their opinions on how brands can best use pictures and video to stay fresh and contemporary. We also discussed emerging trends in digital content.

While each had their own opinion, all the contributors agreed the need for strong-yet-considered photography that is consistently presented across all forms of communication, from websites to corporate reports, marketing materials, blogs and social media feeds.

They also stressed just how important it is to be able to understand and work within a brief – usually working alongside journalists and publishers – to produce results that photographer and client are happy with.

I’d love to discuss over a coffee how to produce stand out photographic imagery in the real world of tight deadlines, restricted budgets and clients with very strong opinions and working habits.

Please get in touch and we can meet at your convenience.

Best wishes, Douglas

020 7193 9446

Commercial photographic content is constantly evolving and it’s important for me as a professional photographer to hear the latest views from leading companies - Douglas, photographer

Conference Photography for Private Equity Client

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Good to see one of Piranha’s photographs taken last week at a company event being used to bring to life a LinkedIn post by the client.

The networking event was an opportunity for the private equity company to bring together a broad range of digital leaders and to discuss the current happenings in the industry.

LinkedIn post showing networking event in London

Head Shot Photograph of Barrister for Website

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Headshot portrait taken by Piranha for Barrister's website

Piranha was commissioned to take a professional head shot of a barrister for use on their website.

After the photo shoot Piranha supplied a website of photographs to select from, and then ‘cut out’ in PhotoShop the chosen image so that this could be placed on the company’s website background and match to the rest of the images style.

A Recent Visit to Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford

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A fascinating and inspiring visit to see the Blavatnik School of Government in central Oxford. The challenge was choosing the images to show you here. To see more of the pictures please click here –https://www.clients.piranhaphotography.com/MCS/Blavatnik/

Blavatnik School of Government exterior photograph by Piranha

Interior shot of Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford

Photograph of architectural interior of Blavatnik School of Government during Oxford event

Inside of Blavatnik School of Government Oxford

Exterior image of Blavatnik School of Government Oxford

Spiral staircase Blavatnik School of Government Oxford

Inside the Blavatnik School of Government in Oxford

Stunning interiors of Blavatnik School of Government Oxford Photographed by Piranha

Presentation photographed by Piranha at Blavatnik School of Government

Window of Blavatnik School of Government Looking out of Walton Street Oxford

Speaches at event in Oxford

Staircase inside Blavatnik School of Government Oxford

Outside the Blavatnik School of Government Building before evening event in Oxford

A truly inspirational building that fits very well within the dreaming spires of Oxford, non-concentric circles below a huge light well that do not echo or reverberate the sounds from any floor. I went slightly crazy with my favourite lens, the Leica 21mm Super Elmar, superb colours and sharp corner to corner, the only lens I needed for such a building. – Douglas, Photographer

A Few Recent LinkedIn Posts by Private Equity Company Featuring Piranha’s Photographs

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Equistone (one of Piranha’s private equity clients) commission regular photo shoots to capture staff portraits and these are used on their website and across other PR and marketing materials. Here you can see various LinkedIn update posts.

Portrait illustrating article in Private Equity International Publication

Photograph for Private Equity FIrm of Staff Member for PR Portrait taken outside for press articles LinkedIn press article for private equity client

NEWS FLASH – Appreciations from Berlin/Germany

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I just received this interesting and heartening message, from a fellow photographer in Berlin…

Portrait of board member for annual report

Hi Douglas,

just wanted to send you my apprecication for your work / business. I have followed your website / social media postings in the last couple of years and was always impressed by your great photography and professional business conduct. Your business portraits really look like the “real deal” / just the way they have to be done.

Here in Berlin, I have been in the business since 2002, mainly doing corporporate / political events and business portraits. Just two months ago I have opened – for the first time ever – my studio in the heart of the political district of Berlin – trying to offer a local/personal touch while every other photographer seems to be busy with working on their “social media accounts”. The verdict on my rather costly move, I have to admit, ist still out. But I am still positive, seeing the first bits of good client feedback.

Whenever you should come to Berlin, I would be pleased to show you around and buy you a German Beer 🙂

Kind regards

http://www.studio10117.de (not a lot there, yet)
http://www.work21.de (kind of an “artsy side project”)

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