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We will take individual portraits and group shots, for example on the day of company board meetings to sign off financial results. On these occasions we work hand in glove with PR advisers to ensure they have the right images for press releases. Like so much of our work, we can be ready to respond at short notice and to very tight deadlines.

Individual portraits or headshots of board members

Working with plain backgrounds such as white or grey, we take individual corporate headshots of board directors, managers and staff within the company. We will come to your London office or any work location with our own lighting and backdrops, we will create studio style ‘sets’ for great photographic results.

Board Photography of Director in Paris for Equistone Private Equity
Board Photography Paris, Equistone Private Equity
A consummate professional, skilled in people photography of all kinds. Dependable and reliable he comes up with the goods time and time again
Colleague photographer
I have worked with Piranha Photography for a number of years now - I value their experience at dealing with Directors, Partners and senior level executives. The results are always of a high quality and produced with a fast turnaround which we need for press releases and publishing deadlines.
Private Equity client

Meeting photography

We will photograph meetings, where directors or other senior executives are captured in action talking animatedly in group settings. To get the best out of each photographic session, we ensure the lighting in the rooms is ready in advance of a meeting starting, and we will already have worked out the best angles for the photographs.

Any objects that may distract the eye or cast unwelcome shadows are moved out of shot, while useful props that aid the shoot will be rehearsed beforehand with test photos. Through experience and good preparation, we are able to take the photographs quickly and unobtrusively, finding the best moments when the Board members interact naturally. This brings these photographs to life.

When we are taking corporate photos of board meetings, we will work hand in glove with your PR advisers to ensure they have the right images ready on the day for their press releases, including any photographs that have been retouched in post-production.

Photograph of Sainsbury's Group Chief Executive in London
Board Photograph, Group Chief Executive, Sainsbury's
Photography of Director, Close Brothers Bank in London
Director Photographed for Close Brothers Bank
A wonderful photographer who gets the job done without ruffling any feathers

Boardroom group photography

As with photographing meetings, preparation is key. Before directors assemble, we will have set up the lighting and checked out the best angles for shots of the directors as one large group, or in smaller groups together.

Group shots need particularly careful planning, especially with seating, and whether some directors should be standing or sitting. We like to have all the logistics agreed well in advance with the corporate communications team ahead of photoshoots.

Also, before the photoshoot, we’ll have worked with the marketing team to agree whether they want photographs showing directors looking at or away from the camera. We also understand the need to work quickly because time is always in short supply with busy directors.

Board Photograph, Kingfisher Group (double page spread) in London
Board Photograph, Kingfisher Group (double page spread)
A consummate professional from start to finish. Douglas's manner with people is always appropriate and jovial, his photographs are of a high standard and he is always happy to help even when a project is finished.
Law firm client

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