Board & Company Photographer - London

We will take individual portraits and group shots, for example on the day of company board meetings to sign off financial results. On these occasions we work hand in glove with PR advisers to ensure they have the right images for press releases. Like so much of our work, we can be ready to respond at short notice and to very tight deadlines.
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A wonderful photographer who gets the job done without ruffling any feathers
Mark McCormiskey, Chairman, Torus
Mark McCormiskey, Chairman, Torus
Fred Kindle, Clayton, Dubilier and Rice
Fred Kindle, Clayton, Dubilier & Rice
A consummate professional from start to finish. Douglas's manner with people is always appropriate and jovial, his photographs are of a high standard and he is always happy to help even when a project is finished.
Law firm client
Insurance board photograph
Torus Insurance
A consummate professional, skilled in people photography of all kinds. Dependable and reliable he comes up with the goods time and time again
Colleague photographer