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Staff Photography for Company Website

Piranha Photography was commissioned for a number of photo-shoots to capture the staff of this PR firm in their London offices, the pictures were for use on their new website. The team is large and operates across the globe.

The photography brief

The brief was to include an interesting background behind the portraits. Also, for the full set of photographs to have a consistent look and feel, so that the website looked professional and visually attractive.

How you can help staff to relax

When taking staff portraits often with quite a number of individuals to be photographed on the same day, the key is to have spent time before the first person is to be photographed choosing a possible location and getting this approved. Then all the setting up that is necessary of lighting and or backdrops can be done well in advance. This means that when the people scheduled in for their photography are ready, they can immediately be positioned and helped to relax ready for their photographs to be taken.

With the help of an experienced photographer each person should feel able to drop their shoulders in front of the camera, that way they will receive a full set of images that they feel happy with and from which they can choose their final pictures.

Final photographs

Once a final staff photograph has been chosen, any final hand retouching can then be carried out and the file processed and supplied ready for use.

Often the jpegs provided by Piranha are sent over to the client cropped and saved to the required dimensions. Then the files which will be the correct file size, can be dropped into an already agreed website design i.e. they are supplied ready to go at the correct size for use on the web. Piranha is also able to send over hi res jpegs suitable for printing, so that if the images are also required for PR or marketing literature they are in a suitable format.

Uses of the images

These images have been used by the company on their website and also LinkedIn and in other literature.

New staff photography

As and when the company has new joiners then further photo-shoots are arranged, so that the new staff members photographs can be taken and added to the website with the same look and feel.

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Staff Photograph In London

An Example of Staff Photography for William Hill in London

Photography of staff at William Hill’s offices in London. Here you can see how a company logo can be incorporated in a photograph by positioning the member of staff in front.


Doug has done a lot of work for Finsbury's clients and he also did our web shots. He consistenly makes us all look far better in photos than we do in real life. Lovely! - Faeth, Partner at RLM Finsbury