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The team at Piranha Photography are always busy on a variety of commissions in London and across the UK as well as abroad. This blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our business photography and corporate video work.

Corporate Videos by Piranha

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Here is a showreel of the corporate videos Piranha has carried out for a variety of businesses both in the UK and abroad.  Some of the pieces were talking heads when company directors described what work their organisations were carrying out.  Other footage is from company events and parties, and sometimes conferences in London –

Piranha Video Showreel


If you would like to hear more about how we can help you with your video or to discuss your ideas for filming, please do get in touch.

Photography for London Architects Website

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Reportage images were taken on location at this architects firm to generate a library of photographs.  The photographs were then used to illustrate the company’s website, and head shot photographs of staff members were used for their ‘People’ page –

Photograph by Piranha showing two architects working together in the office.

Architects Website Photograph of two people discussing a project

Photograph of employee at architects fo 'About Us' page

Photographs on team working together in London offices  Close up photograph of project materials in company offices

Business Portraits for Website – Black and White

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Website screen grab to shot head shots in situ

A recent photo shoot for a London based business.  The photography was of both head shots against a plain background and also shots taken in a meeting, to generate a large selection of images.  The final photographs were used on the company website in black and white.

Black and White - headshots for website

Photographs of employees during a meeting.

Photographs of individuals against a plain backdrop.

NEWS FLASH – The incredible Leica Noctilux Lens

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Photograph of Leica camera with Noctilux lens

The Leica Noctilux lens on M240 rangefinder camera

The incredible Leica Noctilux lens

OK this post is about an insane lens, insane in more ways than just its huge cost of nearly £8K. This is a lot of money for small amounts of glass and brass, so how can it possibly justify the hefty price tag? Perhaps its neutron star density?

Well, like the volume control in Spinal Tap, this lens goes all the way up to ’11’. In photographic terms its top setting is f0.95, making it the fastest production lens yet made by man. Its light gathering abilities are better than the human eye, which means there isn’t a shoot yet devised that requires available light that cannot be tackled by this lens.

It doesn’t end there. This lens renders images that border on the magical, with sharpness even at its top setting as good as many other lenses at more sober apertures, yet still producing superb colours and contrast.

Low light photograph in Dorset taken with Leica Noctilux lens

The image above was taken in very low light and is pin sharp.

The holy grail of all lenses

The expense is down to a meticulous, hand-crafted manufacturing process. Each lens is repeatedly checked by technicians during production, to ensure the highest possible quality of image.

It has long been considered the holy grail of all lenses, so where does this leave my clients?

As recently demonstrated to corporate clients, I use it at for events or conferences where I need discreet but comprehensive coverage using available light only. It’s also fantastic in board room situations where I can use the lens’s incredible razor thin depth of field to isolate individual directors even when they are seated close together.

What this lens allows is corporate photography that is much more interesting and elegant. It offers new solutions to photoshoots, and in the hands of a pro, makes the images for websites and annual reports more attention-grabbing and able to stand out from the crowd.

Of course not every shoot requires available light or shallow depth of field. In normal shooting conditions when used with studio lighting, its colour rendering is unsurpassed. Unlike other lens makers, Leica do not rate ‘sharpness’ as the sole criteria for a lens’s construction and design. For example, the lens is designed to give skin tones a tactile realism, in addition, colour, contrast and even the out of focus areas are extremely important to the overall way an image looks. This applies to all lenses in the Leica range; they are incredible quality and built to last a lifetime. But it’s just as well given the price tags.

This lens is fantastic in board room situations, where I can use the lens's incredible razor thin depth of field to isolate individual directors even when they are seated close together. - Douglas, Photographer

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2017

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Christmas ecard Piranha 2016

To contact – Helen and Douglas House

Portrait Photography for Accountancy Firm

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Here are a few of Piranha’s portraits taken for a London accountancy firm and now being used on their website –

Headshot for accountancy firm website

Accountancy Firm Portrait PhotographyHeadshot for Accountancy firm in London

Hi Samantha, We were very pleased with the last photoshoot and would like to hire you again for early September. Do you have any Wednesdays or Fridays free throughout September? Thank you - client

Company Photography of Team Members for Website

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Individual photographs were required for this London-based company to go on thier website. The photo shoot took place at their offices and was designed to give an interesting background to the headshots –

Photograph of CEO for PE Company

Website Headshot Photography Photograph of staff member for website profile picture Analyst head shot on website  Portfolio manager head shot on website in colour Colour image of staff member for website

Individual Photographs for Communications Consultancy

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Photography of company employees at work in their London offices.  These images give a sense of the surroundings.  The pictures have been used on the website of this corporate, financial and political communications consultancy –

Chairman profile photograph on communications company website

head shot of staff member for new website

Photographs of Communication Company Employees in London offices Photograph of company secretary for website

Executive - photograph on website taken in London offices Account executive photographed by Piranha for corporate website  staff member head shot on website

Head Shots for Company Website

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Headshots are often required for company website and are useful for many other materials which businesses need to send out to stakeholders and customers.

Head shot of Director on Corporate Company Website - CEO

Head shots of Directors on Website taken in London

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