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The team at Piranha Photography are always busy on a variety of commissions in London and across the UK as well as abroad. This blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our business photography and corporate video work.

Team Photograph for London Chartered Surveyors

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A recent photo shoot in London for chartered surveyors during which individual portrait shots were taken  on staff members, and also a large group shot of the team –

Shot of chartered surveyors team all together in London offices

Corporate Portraits – Different Possible Styles for Head Shots

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Thinking of Some Corporate Head Shots for your Company?

Portrait photography comes in all shapes and sizes, do you need it with or without a background? Have you considered a lighting style, that is should there be no shadows on the face or more contrasty? It’s worth giving it a thought before commissioning new photography.

There are many options but read this short article to help you choose a successful style for your company.

A White Background

Corporate Portrait with With Background

The old chestnut head and shoulders white background is often requested and consideration needs to be given to how the photographs will be achieved.

Does the final image need a background as white as driven snow? That funnily enough will require quite a bit of kit, a pop up background, the lights to illuminate this background, lights to illuminate the subject and the camera on a tripod in front of all of it all, and a burly assistant to help carry it all in. It will require a bigger room with little or no furniture. As this large studio type room is rarely available, another solution often needs to be found.

Using a Grey Background

Head shot cut out and with new background added

An alternative solution to achieve a pure white background is to photograph the subject against a grey or off white background and then in post-production, ‘cut’ the subject out and place against a pure white or pre-shot office background created in Photoshop. The cutting out procedure is now extremely accurate so any type of frizzy hair poses no problem and each hair is retained before cut-out.

This allows for using a smaller room and is therefore much easier to organise, and any room can be used on each successive visit.  This often provides the most practical solution for portraits.

An Office or Outside Background

Meeting photograph for company website - conversation with Tower Bridge in background through window

Business person photographed in office environment Business Portrait of Employee with Window behind and outside scene

It may be felt that a portrait shot with a background would be more interesting. A picture that is usually to be run slightly larger than its white background cousin. The scene behind the subject can be the view through a window to illustrate ‘we have a city location’ or a blurred office backdrop can illustrate as being part of a larger team.

Discussion Format

Reportage business meeting photography of individuals in conversation
Another style is the ‘discussion’ or meeting format, often used in the service industries to convey that the person being photographed is in mid conversation with a client.  The photograph can incorporate the blurred shoulder of the person nearest the camera whilst focussing on the subject who is speaking animatedly. This style shows a busy, active company.

Portraits for Press Coverage in Publications

A popular PR shot which is picked up by newspapers is one that illustrates and enhances a story.

The photograph below was taken by Piranha to encapsulate the accounting firm’s story.  The picture caught the eye of the newspaper editor and so was published with a short article about the problems of mounting legislation.

Photograph for PR purposes of accountant with piles of books of legislation

This photograph taken by Piranha for an accountancy firm ran in several national newspapers and business titles. The image highlighted the recent increase in tax legislation.

Photograph taken in company factory of director for publications to print

The dramatic lighting for this industrial pipe company assisted in getting the companies story published by catching the eye of several national newspapers.

The Contemporary, Creative Solution

There are many possible creative styles for websites and annual reports – these involve shooting a meeting through a glass panel, or walking down a corridor or in an open plan office. A creative look works well to show an integrated team, a busy office and is often used in a profile document about a company.

A contemporary look like this can offer a cohesive style to the company’s portraits and be used to tie in creative direction of all their website designs.

 Portrait of employee shot through glass for contemporary look 

The Photographic Brief

Before starting new photography, it is important to think about what is needed and discuss the brief with the web designer and photographer.  The nature of the business will lend itself to a certain style, to convey a message to the clients looking at a company’s website or reading the article, there are lots of interesting and effective options to choose from.

Please do drop us and email or call 020 7193 9446 if you would like more information or to discuss a project.

Corporate Event Photographed at Glazier’s Hall in London

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An event at Glazier Hall in London with a drinks reception and various speakers.  Here are a small sample of the images taken on the night to give a sense of the event –

Glazier Hall Event PHotography - Coverage of PR event showing logo and guests Guests enjoying corporate event at Glazier Hall in London Guests at drinks reception in Glazier Hall London PR Event at Glazier Hall - Photography of reception before speeches Guests enjoying themselves at PR event in London - Photograph by Piranha Individuals chatting at drinks reception in London Speaker at podium during London event Speakers talking to audience during London event Guests mingling at drinks reception of corporate event in London Guests at Glazier Hall during drinks reception

Head Shot with a White Background

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Many companies commission head shots of their staff members photographed against a white backdrop so that this can then be used as a PR photograph for websites and LinkedIn.  In this short piece, I am going to touch on the white background head shot, and how it can be achieved.  I will  touch on the snags, and why deliberately choosing a grey or off-white colour instead, might be a better option than pure white.

OK so you have decided as many clients do, that you would like a portrait with a pure white background so that it blends with the pure neutral white of a website, well that is MUCH easier said than done for a number of practical reasons.

To achieve a pure white background headshot

  1. The size of room allocated for the shoot would need to be BIG, it is important that the white background is evenly lit independently of the subject, this is done with good effect with two lights at 45 degrees to the white screen (even this may not guarantee a totally even light).
  2. The subject a few feet in front of the backdrop will need to be lit too, preferably with a large soft box to achieve a soft flattering light.
  3. The camera should be in front of the subject (of course) with a mid tele-photo lens for a pleasant perspective and to reduce flare.

Diagram showing set up to achieve pure white background head shot

  1. Picture showing position of lights and backdrop for white background head shotThe snag with that arrangement above? It requires an assistant to help carry and setup additional lights etc, it requires the room to be quite large and free of heavy furniture.  I’m not sure how many companies have this on offer (most have a large table in the middle of the room for meetings not unexpectedly).

    The Solution?…

    Photograph the head shot with a grey background and then ‘cut them out’ in PhotoShop

    Deliberately photograph the subjects against a grey or off white background and then cut the head shot out afterwards in PhotoShop. This method has a number of advantages over the first method –


    1. The size of the room can be smaller and the background does not have to be lit at all
    2. The subject can be closer to the background, maybe even casting a slight shadow – it doesn’t matter
    3. The camera is in the same place for the same reasons as above.

    If the staff members are wearing white shirts/blouses etc  then it’s a much easier extraction from the background if its grey or similar.

Diagram showing set up to achieve head shot with white or grey background

Alternative option set up showing lighting of white background head shot

The software these days is remarkable in its accuracy and precision, do you have frizzy hair? No problem every hair is identified and retained allowing your new background to come through, looking very natural.

In Conclusion…

I recommend having a clear idea of the type of background you would like to see in the final head shot image.  Can it be off white or an elegant grey? Or would you rather photograph the person and cut them out later?  This would achieve a pure white background.  A conversation with the photographer and discussion about the meeting rooms on site at the office would be a good starting point.

Board Photography for Annual Report

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The AIG Europe Board members were photographed by Piranha for the 2015 annual report –

Front cover image of 2015 Annual ReportCEOs board photograph used in his statement Financial Officer's portrait in the annual report - at the end of his statement

Pages from Annual report showing board photographs in place Board photographs in situ in annual report  Head shots of board members in printed annual report

Photography for Company President and Executive Team in Canary Wharf

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Piranha was commissioned to photograph company president and various other members of staff.  The head shots were for use in corporate literature, LinkedIn and for other communications.  A mix of styles were taken on the day from plain background head shots through to environmental portraits.

Company president head shot on LinkedIn - Photograph taken by Piranha Photography

Company staff member head shot on LinkedIn - Photograph taken by Piranha

Hi Douglas, Thank you for the photographs. I’m really pleased with all of them. Thanks, - Client

Private Equity Company – Partners Portrait Photography

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This London based Private Equity company required black and white photographs of their partners for their website.  The images were taken in a board room environment as ‘working’ shots –

Website - top bar showing company name Photography of Private Equity Company Partner for use on Website - Black and white shot Head shot of partner in Private Equity company offices - black and white image Partner photographed for company website

Hi Samantha, The guys really enjoyed having Douglas photograph them today. Very funny and personable as well as being very professional and knowledgeable. We also added two more to the mix. Looking forward to seeing the results, Kind regards,
;) Great work by the way. The guys are really pleased. Definitely would recommend Douglas.

Portrait Photography for London Architects Website

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You can see below a number of the portraits taken to accompany the biographies of this London architects firm – a relaxed but professional feel was required by the business and this was achieved in their offices using careful lighting and a consistent backdrop throughout –

Portrait of London Architect in their offices Photograph of architect in London office Architect photographed for website Relaxed portrait of architect in office Business portrait for website Portrait of architect in London offices Portrait photograph of architect for website Female architect business portrait Staff photograph for website Head shot for website Environmental portrait taken in London Working shot - head shot Business portrait for website Architect pictured in London offices Portrait photograph for architects website black and white working shot for architects firm in London Photograph of office staff working in London

Evening Event Photography at In and Out Club in London

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One of my shoots this week found me at the In & Out Club in St James’s Square for the ‘Northern Business Clubs Dinner’ hosted by Kilfrost Limited. Each table was hosted by an MP to field questions and initiate debate. In attendance was the recently elected MP for Copeland – Trudy Harrison, the Chancellor Phillip Hammond and the main speaker of the evening The Right Honourable, The Lord Marland. The client wanted a very discrete coverage in a traditional Mayfair club which has low ‘atmospheric’ light levels at the best of times, so I shot nearly everything on the Leica Noctilux – the most remarkable lens I have ever used. Sporting an aperture of f0.95 there is no room or venue too dark that cannot yield images of perfect clarity and exposure….I hope you agree.


Philip Hammond with guests at evening event at In & Out Club

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer

Event Photography at In & Out Club - Speaker

Jonathan Marland, Baron Marland

Photograph of guest for company at event at In & Out Club

Trudy Harrison, MP for Copeland


Very Kind Review from the Client –

We hosted a high profile event on 28 February which included Cabinet Ministers, Ministers and MPs. The photographer, Douglas, from Piranha Photography was there throughout. During the evening Douglas was professional, unobtrusive and added to the event. The subsequent images were superb and I will be using them again at the next event in London.


Hello Samantha, Thank you for your email and I know you are dealing with my colleague, Lucy. I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all your help in making sure that our event ran very smoothly with Douglas. Everyone was very impressed with his and his professionalism and we will definitely be using him again for our next event in the summer. Regards,
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