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Board Photography for Annual Report and Website

Board of Directors on Website –

Board of Directors photograph on website - group shot Website page featuring photograph of Director Directors photgraphs on web page Chief Executive's photograph on website

Directors Photographs in Annual Report

Directors appearing in annual report review sections

Board photography for company's annual report - group shot

Board Photography for Annual Report and Website

The board photography for Smith and Williamson was taken at their London offices; the brief was to capture the group of Directors seated together and also individual shots for their review sections in the report. Above you can see a few spreads from the annual report and a few pages from the company’s website.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS PHOTOGRAPHY Individual Board Photographs Photography of Board Members as a group WEBSITE PHOTOGRAPHY
For the Smith and Williamson Annual Report, the style of photography throughout is consistent and considered. The directors are all engaged with the camera and smiling to the same degree, to look competent yet approachable. – Douglas, photographer