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Thinking of Black and White Corporate Photography for Your Company Website?

black and white pr photograph

Thinking of Black and White Corporate Photography for Your Company Website?

Why you should consider black and white photography for your company website…

The history of black and white film photography

Black and white film was first developed by Joseph Niepce in 1826 and still made and used widely today, it’s reliable, detailed and still very popular. Black and white film was used very often in photojournalism, even after the advent of colour film as it could be used to get a good news images under all lighting conditions, be that a mixture of daylight and tungsten bulbs or fluorescent tubes for example.  Film would give some weird and wonderful effects which would dilute the message that the photograph needed to convey.

Black and white for reportage and news stories

So black and white even to this day is still synonymous with reportage and news stories. This can be used to an advantage in website design or marketing materials when images of staff working say, on a factory floor, or directors animatedly discussing something round a boardroom table can be shot in black and white to give it that ‘breaking news story’ feel. Perhaps too a sense of authenticity and realism when colour can be distracting.

Reportage black and white photograph taken in Germany at factory

Colour photography and colour balance

Getting a good colour balance even today can require extra lighting, to eliminate strong colour casts from office corridors, desk lamps, ghastly overhead strip lights or often worst of all, modern LED bulbs have a range of colours that are not at all consistent in their colour temperature. So if moving lights or studio flash around is too distracting or time consuming in a fast moving environment then black and white is a great alternative.

The portraits can be in colour for example and the working shots in black and white which can change the pace of images in an annual report or company web pages.

Working shot of factory worker pictured in blacka nd white

More forgiving of changing backgrounds

Black and white photography can sometimes be more flexible if photo shoots are to take place in a variety of rooms at different times, as the background is less dominant than with colour photography.

It also means that if a company has many international offices around the world different photographers can recreate the same look and feel more easily using black and white.  Often the brief is to use a simple white or grey background so that the photography keeps the same look of a ‘set’ of images.

black and white staff photograph taken in london

To be more flexible with different lighting

Natural lighting or flash photography can be used when lighting images, which will eventually be produced in black and white.

Director's photograph shown here in black and white

Black and white photography can help with wrinkles

When taking portraits, which will ultimately be reproduced in black and white the complexions and skin imperfections are less obvious so black and white is often kinder and the pictures can be more flattering.

black and white pr photograph

Double the choice!

As digital photographs are taken by the camera and saved in colour and then afterwards the files converted to black and white, the selected pictures can be used in either or both colour and black and white depending on which publication or piece of marketing literature they are to appear in.   The company can opt to receive both a set of images in colour as well as black and white.

Black and white photograph of building contractor on scaffolding hard at work

Creating the final black and white conversion

It is important to ask your photographer to carry out the black and white conversion for your selected images. The reason for this is that professional photographers process RAW files (the original images) through specialist software. This software provides many opportunities to select the type and look of the final black and white image. This might be with plenty of contrast or a more subtle conversion.  This is a preference to be discussed with the photographer and depends on what look the designer or client is looking for in the final image.

event photograph of Condolezza in black and white

Prints or Jpeg files

For the client below the final images are provided as prints but for others digital files are supplied for use on websites and in other media.

black and white pr photograph

The above black and white photographs appear on the PR company’s website and also framed on their reception wall so that visitors can view the team when waiting for their meetings to begin.


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