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NEWS FLASH – Choosing the right size image file means no more funny business

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Photograph showing Motorway Billboard

Choosing the right size image file means no more funny business

Many people, I’ve found, struggle to use digital picture files properly. Too many assume that a bigger file must be best, whether it’s for images in an email, billboards, a LinkedIn post, general website content, other marketing materials, or indeed those used throughout an Annual Report.

This is, completely untrue. There are ideal files sizes depending on the job they are there to do, and these can be very small indeed. For example, for LinkedIn content a smaller file produces sharper, more detailed images than anything larger, which is why this matters if you are trying to reproduce your best photographs or graphics.

Time magazine and LinkedIn Mockup with portrait

Here’s the brief technical explanation of how it works. A pixel is the smallest unit of any digital image. Today’s modern digital cameras produce images comprised of millions of them.

Each image has a height and width which can be measured in centimetres, inches or pixels. Pixels are actually the most useful measure because they provide all the data needed to cover any use. The pixel dimensions of a common, large monitor these days is 1920 x 1200 pixels. If you wish to send a full screen image to a colleague this is all the info you need. This file will only require about 250KB of disk space, which is much smaller than people imagine they need to send by email, especially when you think how rarely your image is needed to literally fill an entire screen.

This means a real world email-sized image that fills no more than half the screen would be much smaller. It’s not just that image will be sharper, the file you sent will leave your outbox faster and won’t clog up the recipient’s email inbox, which never goes down well with clients or colleagues.

If your image is destined for LinkedIn these are 400 x 400 pixels, which need only tiny 19KB files.

Just ask your photographer to resize images for you to the correct dimensions and then upload to LinkedIn etc and see the much better results.

Annual Report Front Cover Mockup with portrait

If you need to send a folder full of images I recommend using Photoshop. If this is a bit daunting, there are some nifty software apps like Fastone Resizer for PC or Image Resizer for Mac, which are easy to use and allow useful presets to be setup and stored such as ‘email’ or ‘LinkedIn’ etc.

These can be saved into a new folder when you are ready to send it out.

Another alternative is file sharing software like Dropbox. This is better when you have larger files, say for materials to be professionally printed, or if the total size of your folder exceeds 2MB because of the number of images in it.

There are ideal files sizes depending on the job they are there to do - Douglas, Photographer

Photography of Board of Directors for Company Website

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Photography of Board of directors at CQS. The company regularly commissions photographs of their staff and directors for their website. Below you can see the board of directors photography. Each member of the board’s environmental portrait was taken individually, once the selected shots had been chosen these were supplied ready for use by the client  –

Banner of website with company name

Directors portraits appearing on company website

Event Photography of Christmas Party & Awards Ceremony in London

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Event photography during an evening at the RAC Club in London. The Christmas party included speakers and an awards ceremony. Kate Winslet was one of the guests on the night. Here is a very small sample of the photographs taken on the night –

Awards and Christmas Party photography at the RAC CLub - Kate Winslet Photograph of RAC Club interior and painting Guests winning award at evening event speeches during evening awards ceremony Guests at tables in Club Guests in conversation at RAC CLub in London Dancers providing evening entertainment Photograph of guests at Christmas Party and awards ceremony

Alumni Portrait Photography of Harvard Alumni in London

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Alumni Portrait Photography for Harvard Business School Alumni in London to accompany an article about his achievements. The photograph was used on Harvard’s website and also in their printed magazine.  The photography was taken at the Alumni’s offices in the Barbican –

Harvard website where Piranha's portrait photograph appeared to accompany an article Portrait taken in Barbican of Harvard Alumni

Portrait photograph in magazine article

Christmas Party Photographer and Awards Ceremony Coverage

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Christmas Party Photographer for The Press Association at their party and awards ceremony from 2018. Here are a few of the event photographs taken on the night –

Party and awards photography in London for FPA Drinks reception at Park Lane Hotel in london Guests during evening event in London Group photograph with Christmas tree at Hotel in London Guest at Christmas party dinner Awards speaker during evening Dinner photographed at awards event Guest during dinner event Speaker during awards presentation at london hotel Guests during awards Christmas dinner Photograph of guests talking Listening to awards presentation Guest at dinner in London Awards presentation in London - photograph Group photographed in front of logo board Organiser at the end of evening event Photograph of guests at party

Staff Photography for Private Equity Company

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Piranha are regularly commissioned for staff photography of this private equity company. Directors and staff members have their photographs taken for use on the website and else where for marketing materials –

Staff Photography for Private Equity Company 1

Staff Photography for Private Equity Company 2

Staff Photography for Private Equity Company 3

Staff Photography for Private Equity Company 4

Staff photographs for PE company

Website Photography for Oxford Biotechnology Company

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OMass Therapeutics is a  biotechnology company based at Oxford Science Park who required website photography. The images to be taken were of staff members and Directors as well a photography in their laboratories and offices to provide pictures which could be used throughout their website. The company commissions regular photo shoots and most recently a group photograph of the team to sit at the top of the team page on the website –

Photograph of employees in Oxford

Staff member working in company's Oxford laboratory

Portrait and laboratory photographs taken in Oxford

Oxford team photograph of all staff members together in laboratory - appearing at top of web page

LinkedIn Recommendation
Oxford company recommendation for portrait photography at their offices

Douglas has not only taken great photos for our team, he always brings a sense of humour which makes the whole experience fun and has everyone smiling. The photos are always high quality and turned around really quickly. It's a pleasure working with Douglas and Piranha Photography. I would definitely be booking Douglas again when we next need corporate photography - Client

PR Company Website Photography during Away Day

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The PR company website photography below was taken during a company away day and used to highlight the different areas of business on the PR company’s website –

PR Company Website Photography during Away Day 5

Away day photograph of team

Board Photography for Annual Report and Website

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The board photography for Smith and Williamson was taken at their London offices; the brief was to capture the group of Directors seated together and also individual shots for their review sections in the report. Below you can see a few spreads from the annual report and a few pages from the company’s website –


Board of Directors on Website –

Board of Directors photograph on website - group shot Website page featuring photograph of Director Directors photgraphs on web page Chief Executive's photograph on website

Directors Photographs in Annual Report

Directors appearing in annual report review sections

Board photography for company's annual report - group shot


For the Smith and Williamson Annual Report, the style of photography throughout is consistent and considered. The directors are all engaged with the camera and smiling to the same degree, to look competent yet approachable. – Douglas, photographer
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