NEWS FLASH – New MacBook Pro for Faster Processing

January 21st, 2014 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

New MacBook Pro Laptop for Piranha Photography

For the average photoshoot, the kit required weighs in about 30kg; there is a camera case, long tripod case and a rucksack filled with the obligatory laptop and ancillaries.

Frequently these days, the images are required immediately after the shoot, especially in the case of PR commissions. My trusty MacBook Pro whilst still in fine fettle operationally is getting long in the tooth and I felt that a Christmas present to myself and by proxy to my clients would be a new sleeker model. Sleeker they are too, gone is the CD drive shaving many millimeters from the depth and nearly doubled is the resolution with its fancy grain free Retina display in the new MacBook Pros. The hard drive is now PCIe flash memory style, which is much faster than the now ubiquitous Solid State Drive.

The upshot? I can process files MUCH faster than before (its truly on a par with my not so portable office bound Mac Pro) and the weight I lug around from shoot to shoot has been significantly reduced. So if you need a speedy turnaround of hi res, colour corrected files for a press release, then please call our office on 020 7193 9446 – I’m sure we can help.

I can process files MUCH faster than before and the weight I lug around from shoot to shoot has been significantly reduced - Douglas, Photographer

NEWS FLASH – New Tascam Audio Recorder for Video

December 10th, 2013 | Posted in Corporate Video for Companies, Tips and News from Piranha

New Audio Equipment for Video

Audio, accounts for about 60 -70 % of the watchability of a video or film. A poor video quality with excellent sound is bearable, poor sound but with great video clarity is switched off after 30 seconds.

In recent years small digital and very portable audio devices have made great strides in improving audio on location and are a great improvement on the widespread use of microphones attached  to the top of cameras, and some even allow professional XLR inputs from broadcast microphones. However there is a limit to the benefits such devices can bring. The pre amps that magnify the sound from the mic should have little or virtually noise and the tonal range should be wide, and we decided that in order to improve our video offering by leaps and bounds, we would upgrade our audio recording capability.

After a lot of research, we purchased a new Tascam PD-H6 solid state broadcast audio recorder, only slightly larger in physical size to the typical device,  it offers a recording quality that has to be heard to be believed, using the same microphones as before this recorder can deliver a rich clear audio track to any corporate or business video, with so much clarity you can almost hear the interviewee’s watch ticking, all saved to solid state disks at a resolution way over CD quality.

With a series of corporate projects to shoot and complete before Christmas, we look forward to producing the highest quality audio and video to our clients.

With a series of corporate projects to shoot and complete before Christmas, we look forward to producing the highest quality audio and video to our clients - Douglas

NEWS FLASH – Pocket Wizard Flash Triggers

April 29th, 2013 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

In the seemingly endless quest for more control over lighting to get the better pictures ever faster, I am very happy with the new PocketWizard Plus III flash triggers they allow firstly a very reliable wireless trigger to my flash units which means no long ‘Health and Safety’ issues over trailing cables across the floor. They have 32 channels which sounds like overkill but on some shoots there is a lot of interference from other electronic gadgets, such as the time I took the portrait of the CEO of CrossRail in front of one of the new digging machines, the electronic control systems in place meant I had to change channel several times to get a reliable trigger. They also have four different zones, so I can have several locations set up for portraits and only trigger the relevant flash heads when needed. This is very useful in an office environment to stop firing all the flashes at once every time the camera takes a shot in a room quite a way away. All in all its one of those pieces of kit that isn’t an obvious showy device but works reliably every time and keeps shoot disruption to a minimum.

new flash triggers

NEWS FLASH – New Professional Camera Bag

April 26th, 2013 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

To carry the two Canon 1D X cameras and many precious lenses for daily shoots we use the Think Tank Airport Security 2 roller bag. A versatile, rugged case, able to cope with the busy streets of London and assignments further a field whilst looking smart yet conservative to avoid necessary attention.

camera bag

NEWS FLASH – New Canon Portrait 85mm F1.2 Lens

April 26th, 2013 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

This is the fastest portrait lens currently in production by Canon.  The lens is especially useful for shooting in low light or when a shallow depth of field is preferred.  What makes it stand out is the lens’s exceptional colour rendition, sharpness from corner to corner and beautiful Bokeh, which is the area of an image that is out of focus which is an important as the crucial in focus parts for overall image quality. It is weather sealed and robust, all in all an
incredible lens.

85mm Canon Lens

NEWS FLASH – Canon’s Flagship Cameras Arrive at Piranha’s Offices

December 5th, 2012 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

Christmas has come early as TWO new Canon 1DX professional cameras arrive in the office –

Piranha Photography’s New Canon Cameras

NEWS FLASH – Elinchrom Soft Boxes for Corporate Portrait Photography

May 23rd, 2012 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

We have recently invested in the new top of the range portable Elinchrom flash system – the Quadra Ranger and also new soft boxes, as shown below. The new equipment makes for soft lighting, producing even skin tones, particularly when worked in conjunction with an amazing new plugin for Photoshop to help create the perfect corporate portrait.

New Flash Kit for Corporate Portrait Photography

NEWS FLASH – New Professional Elinchrom Ranger Flash Kit

February 28th, 2012 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

New flash kit


News flash, if you pardon the pun. The studio has taken delivery of an Elinchrom Ranger flash kit, this wonder of technology allows studio power flash to be taken on location, the whole assembly weighs 3kgs and can be used to make much stronger portraits even in brilliant sunshine.

The softbox can be used to generate a very soft flattering and even light essential for corporate portraits and the second can light the room or outside walls/machinery very effectively. It’s all controlled by a sophisticated wireless trigger too, so no more hazardous cables to trip over.

Now we can offer two solutions to any shoot, the first is the ultra discreet available light style with our very fast top of the range prime lenses, preferred when shooting in a documentary style and when under time pressure or now a second option of a more dramatic, considered style with a very controlled lighting environment offered by these Elinchrom units.

NEWS FLASH – New Top of the Range Colour Screen for Studio

November 24th, 2011 | Posted in Tips and News from Piranha

Great excitement in the studio this week when our new monitor arrived for one of the Mac Pros.  The Eizo CG243W screen covers 98% of Adobe 1998 and 100% of sRGB colour spaces, basically its an extremely  accurate monitor needed for colour critical applications like digital photography and video editing. Its built like a monolith from 2001 Space Odyssey a world away from a standard screen.

New Monitor/Screen for Photographers Studio

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