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10 Tips for Organising a Corporate Portrait Photoshoot after Covid with Social Distancing

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10 Tips for Organising a Corporate Portrait Photoshoot after Covid with Social Distancing

There are some simple logistics to ensure a corporate headshot photoshoot post Covid with social distancing is smooth and stress free.

We have put together a simple check list with 10 tips things to consider when organising a portrait photoshoot, this will vary a little depending on the style of photography, but its food for thought.

1. Book a Big Room

The first thing to do for a portrait photoshoot would be to book the biggest meeting room available in the building as with the current social distancing this will allow the maximum possible space.

2. Draft a Detailed Schedule for the Portrait Photoshoot

Then once the photographer has been booked a detailed schedule should be drafted and circulated in advance, so that each person is aware of the time for their portrait. A little extra time should be allowed for each person so that they can comfortably leave and clear the room before the next person arrives.

3. Allow Set up Time for the Photographer on the Day

If the brief if for corporate headshots against a plain background then on the day it is best to allow a little more time than normal for the photographer to get everything set up in the designated room.  The equipment will consist of a backdrop of either the typical grey or pure white, to be set against a wall at the correct height. The camera is mounted on a tripod so that the framing of each person is consistent throughout the day and the Elinchrom flash system of two flash units is tested and power output adjusted to account for the ambient light in the room.

All kit and furniture can be arranged away from the route used by the people entering the room, such as chairs and equipment bags, so that no one feels they need to move anything to get to the designated spot where they will be photographed.

4. Have Hand Santitiser Available

Hand sanitiser can be provided on the day for anyone entering or leaving the room.

5. Provide Antibacterial Wipes

If possible the door to the ‘office studio’ should be propped open, but if this isn’t feasible a packet of wipes can be provided to clean the handle on each entry and exit.

6. Plan Personal Hair and Makeup Equipment

Each person to be photographed will be responsible for bringing their own comb, hairbrush and makeup, as well as a small mirror, as necessary. Clients if they wear glasses should bring their own lens cleaning cloth as finger smears can be seen on portraits with modern camera resolution being what it is. This should be included in the emails circulated before the photoshoot so that people know what to bring with them on the day.

7. Arrange a Standing Portrait for Indoor Photography

During this period of careful social distancing it is easier to arrange a standing only portrait session, rather than a working at a table with pens and papers reportage style which would need a lengthy wiping down after each person. With a standing portrait a post-it-label can be placed on the floor in advance by the photographer so there is no ambiguity as to where the person should stand. The mark on the floor will also ensure the subject is away from the backdrop and 2 meters away from the photographer.

8. Have Viewing of Images on a Laptop

Under normal circumstances clients like to check the photographs on the back of the camera during the photoshoot. Now with social distancing, and during setting up, the photographer will attach the camera to a laptop with a long cable so that each portrait appears on the laptop screen on a table 2 meters from the photographer, and close to the subject ready for approval or adjustment and photographic choices can be made in real time as they appear.

9. Ensure Cleaning at the End of the Photoshoot

Once over the photographer can wipe down all kit, pack up and wipe the door handle. The old adage in the countryside about ‘take only photographs, leave only footprints’ applies to offices equally ‘take only photographs, leave only hand sanitiser ‘

10. Consider Outdoor Portraits

Photography outdoors is straight forward to arrange as a 2 meter or more distance would be normal for the photographer to stand away from the subject when taking pictures outside. These portraits could be taken in a quiet nearby street or office terrace or porch area.

A reflector is required for better images outside and can be setup in advance on a stand, independent of the photographer so that, again, the photographer can stay the crucial 2metres distant


In summary, the process for arranging a portrait photoshoot with social distancing requires a little planning and preparation but will continue to deliver excellent final images.

Outdoor portrait of woman for private equity company


In summary, the process requires a little planning and preparation but will continue to deliver excellent final images. - Douglas, Photographer
Hi Samantha, Douglas was fantastic today, very happy indeed! I just want to say thank you very much again. I cannot thank Douglas enough, very happy with his work. - Headshot Photography, Client All the best, Rowena