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Creative photography brings to life working for professional services firms

Office photography for PE company ESG brochure

Creative photography brings to life working for professional services firms

The service economy now accounts for around 85% of all people employed in the UK.

These days most of us work while sitting at a desk or serving someone in a shop, rather than bashing out things in factories.

While the upside is that working environments are generally safer and nicer places to work, a downside is that it’s harder to come up with interesting photography when promoting these kinds of businesses.

Undoubtedly, marketing teams working for legal, insurance, accountancy and private equity/ venture capital firms have some of the greatest challenges producing interesting imagery to illustrate their output.

That said, getting round obstacles often leads to the most imaginative visual solutions, and I’ve found that there’s a surprising amount of scope when it comes to bringing to life the work of professional service firms through corporate photography.

My advice to clients working in professional services is that they should play to their intrinsic strengths whenever possible.

Photography for company in London of employees at work in office

Sense of drama in a location

Perhaps one of their offices is based in the City of London – three quarters of all banking professionals work in London – where the backdrop can bring a sense of drama when photographing partners and staff.

Even if its head office is not in a visually-striking location, this doesn’t prevent it telling the story visually about its local market or perhaps the types of clients it serves.

Of course, if one of its office buildings is particularly photogenic, take full advantage of it and feature these images prominently in marketing literature and on websites.

Think outdoors

We advise clients to think of the possibilities of having their corporate photography taken outdoors. Invariably, there is somewhere near to their office that makes a more interesting photoshoot location than the inside of a normal meeting room.

On the same theme, professional practices that operate from multiple locations can commission photoshoots at each separately, showcasing the strength and breadth of the business as a whole.

Corporate portrait taken in London

Head and shoulders portrait don’t have to be boring

Head and shoulder portraits don’t have to be applied in rigid formats either. People can be photographed while working at their desks, talking to colleagues, in meetings, at client locations, or perhaps hosting events. The broader the range of the photoshoot, the greater the opportunity there is to emphasise the size and scope of the operation.

On one of our client’s websites (it’s a private equity firm) whenever someone clicks on the biography of its partners and managers, alongside their standard portrait, a second image pops up of the colleague pursuing a hobby or interest outside of work.

Photograph of employees working as a group in client London offices

VC and private equity businesses fund growth

An important part of the story of private equity or VC firms are the businesses they invest in. If your client has built a solar power generator, water treatment plant, or a new factory with the finance you have helped them raise, adding these images to your annual report will illustrate the transformative power of your work.

ESG report photography of school children gaining experience in client offices

ESG projects

Don’t forget all the ESG projects your firm supports. Photographs of your staff working in the community or fundraising for charity go a long way to humanising the work of a lawyer, accountant, insurer or financier.

If you want to discuss creative ideas in corporate portrait photography in professional services, please get in touch. We are always delighted to hear from you.

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Working with Douglas was an absolute joy. His technical prowess as a photographer is matched only by his ability to create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Douglas effortlessly captures intricate details, turning each photograph into a work of art. What truly sets him apart is his personable nature – he puts his subjects at ease with such genuine warmth (and jokes) that every session feels like a collaborative and delightful experience. Douglas is not just a skilled photographer; he is a storyteller who crafts unforgettable moments with both precision and heart. Great work as always! - Designer
Dear Douglas and Sam, Just to say thank you for the recent imagery. You will see we’ve gone live with the 25th brochure and the ESG brochure will go out next week. Your photos are great. Thanks - Client