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The team at Piranha Photography are always busy on a variety of commissions in London and across the UK as well as abroad. This blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our business photography and corporate video work.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2017

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Christmas ecard Piranha 2016

To contact – Helen and Douglas House

Portrait Photography for Accountancy Firm

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Here are a few of Piranha’s portraits taken for a London accountancy firm and now being used on their website –

Headshot for accountancy firm website

Accountancy Firm Portrait PhotographyHeadshot for Accountancy firm in London

Hi Samantha, We were very pleased with the last photoshoot and would like to hire you again for early September. Do you have any Wednesdays or Fridays free throughout September? Thank you - client

Company Photography of Team Members for Website

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Individual photographs were required for this London-based company to go on thier website. The photo shoot took place at their offices and was designed to give an interesting background to the headshots –

Photograph of CEO for PE Company

Website Headshot Photography Photograph of staff member for website profile picture Analyst head shot on website  Portfolio manager head shot on website in colour Colour image of staff member for website

Individual Photographs for Communications Consultancy

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Photography of company employees at work in their London offices.  These images give a sense of the surroundings.  The pictures have been used on the website of this corporate, financial and political communications consultancy –

Chairman profile photograph on communications company website

head shot of staff member for new website

Photographs of Communication Company Employees in London offices Photograph of company secretary for website

Executive - photograph on website taken in London offices Account executive photographed by Piranha for corporate website  staff member head shot on website

Head Shots for Company Website

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Headshots are often required for company website and are useful for many other materials which businesses need to send out to stakeholders and customers.

Head shot of Director on Corporate Company Website - CEO

Head shots of Directors on Website taken in London

Board Photographs for Annual Report 2015

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The below photographs of the board members were taken by Piranha, the company wanted the board members to appear in group’s.  These images were featured in the 2015 Annual Report –

Annual Report Board Photograph as a Group

Group photograph of Board Members of Annual Report

Photography of Management Team and Investment Managers for Private Equity Company

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Below are a few of the selected photographs taken of the Management team and also Investment Managers for this private equity company in London.  The photographs here featured on the company website –

Managers Portrait Photography –

Website showing Photographs of all Managers in London Photogrpahy of Managing Partner taken by Piranha Photograph of Private Equity Company Partner

Investment Director’s Photography –

A few of the Invesment Managers’ photographs can be seen here and more on their website –

Photograph of Investment Manager - shown on Company Website Investment Director shown in London offices on Company Website Photograph of Investment Manager taken in London Portrate of Investment Director at Private Equity Company Offices

Recent Private Equity Company Team Photographs

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Here are a few of the photographs of this private equity company where they comissioned photography of their team for use on the their website and other marketing materials –Photography of Employee on Private Equity Company Website

Portrait on Website of Private Equity Company Team Member

Hi Sam, We had a great session with Douglas yesterday and are looking forward to seeing the photographs. Please will you pass on our thanks! Have a lovely weekend - Client

Photography of Energy Event in Birmingham

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Here are a small selection of the photographs taken at the NEC in Birmingham during the  2016 Energy Event . Coverage for the company was of the stand and attendees on the day –

Tradestand from a distance photographed
Trade stand photography at event Attendees chatting at stand at energy event photograph of stand at Birmingham NEC trade fair Client logo pictured on stand at event - Birmingham Visitors pictured during Energy Event at Birmingham trade stand Guests discussing at trade stand  Magician at company trade stand demonstrating trick to guest
Guest reacting to card trick in Birmingham

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