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Corporate Photography with Social Distancing

Director photographed on board meeting day for website

Corporate Photography with Social Distancing

Last week, Douglas was commissioned for a corporate photo shoot of the board members of the Business Growth Fund (BGF) during an away day at Great Fosters Hotel, an attractive location on the edge of London. Although Douglas has photographed countless similar board meetings, we now ensure that we follow the current government advice on Covid-19 to allow for a safe and enjoyable experience, including when the whole board are photographed together, which Douglas can undertake under social distancing measures.

The Photography Brief

Douglas was asked to take photographs of the directors individually, ensuring that the style was consistent with the company’s brand guidelines, so that the work could be seamlessly included on the businesses’ website. The shots were taken in outdoor locations near their hotel. This offered engaging backdrops, which allowed the attractively blurred surroundings to enhance the images and create a sense of place for the team. In addition, BGF asked Piranha to come up with ideas for a group shot of the board members together, while simultaneously observing social distancing guideline of 2 meters.

Directors photographed with social distancing during corporate photo shoot

Social Distancing On the Day

Luckily, the location and weather were excellent on the day of the shoot. With prior planning, each director had an allocated time for their picture to be taken, which allowed them to be photographed at convenient occasions between meetings and commitments. This ensured that the day ran smoothly, and ample time was allocated for the creation of the group shot, a moment which required all of the board members to assemble together. The shot was coordinated under social distancing guidelines and Douglas exploited a formal garden nearby which allowed the directors enough room and created an attractive image.

Photography Technical Details

The Leica cameras are rightly renowned for their image quality, colour rendering and clarity. To enhance these photos still further, Douglas used a specific lighting tripod and bracket to support the reflector, which is vital to alleviate shadows. This is placed as near as possible to the subject, a role normally achieved by an assistant who would have held the reflector at the correct proximity and angle. However, under the current circumstances, Douglas used a tripod to achieve this effect and adjusted it as necessary. In this way, Douglas has managed to take his relaxed portrait set unperturbed by any difficulties and continues to produce outstanding images. Many companies are recognizing the increasing need to have an elegant and engaging online presence and one of the fastest ways to attract attention is through professional photography.

Processing and Colours

After the BGF photo shoot, each photograph was hand processed with the specialist software Lightroom to perfect the images, including enhancing light, contrast and colours to provide the best quality final images. The client particularly appreciated Piranha’s expertise in using saturation to create an outstanding depth of colour in the professional photographs, something which made the images particularly vivid and eye catching. The photos were initially available on a private website where the company could review Douglas’ work and choose their preferred shots.

Private Equity company director photographed by Piranha appearing in LinkedIn post

Uses of Final Photographs

The photo shoot was a great success, and an urgent individual portrait was rushed off to accompany a press release discussing the new appointment of the Regional Director of the North of England. The company will display the portraits on their website to profile their employees and the group photography will appear in their news pages to demonstrate the team spirit during this difficult period. This shoot demonstrates that quality photography is just as important as ever, and feasible even with social distancing considerations.

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I always get a first-rate photo when I work with Douglas. His headshots are excellent and he has a great sense of humour that helps even the most camera-shy subject warm up and relax - meaning you get a genuine smile! A true professional who I wouldn't hesitate to recommend. - Madi, Brand & Design Manager