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Photograph of Pride in London - a dog with rainbow wings

Throwback – Pride in London Event Photography

Pride in London Event Photography I was lucky enough to be one of the event photographers at Pride in London in 2018.  I realised the other day that due to a heavy workload I have not had time to share this colourful set of photographs on Piranha’s blog. As it is that time of year...
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Headshots by Piranha Photography

10 Tips for Organising a Portrait Photoshoot after Covid

10 Tips for Organising a Portrait Photoshoot after Covid There are some simple logistics to ensure a corporate photoshoot post Covid is smooth and stress free. We have put together a simple check list with 10 tips things to consider when organising a portrait photoshoot, this will vary a little depending on the style of...
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Closed signs around Oxford shops - Guess

Photography of Shop Closed Notices for Covid-19

Photography of Shop Closed Notices for Covid-19 Will all these stores reopen next week? As a photographer I am always on the look out for interesting projects to cover when I am walking around London or at home in Oxford. I have just completed this project photographing the varied and temporary signs used by shops...
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A series of photographs taken in and around Oxford during lockdown.

Oxford Photographer – Photography During Covid-19 Lockdown

Oxford Photographer – Photography of an Empty Oxford During Covid-19 Lockdown Photography of Oxford – a walking project carried out during Covid-19 Lockdown to reveal an ‘Empty Oxford’.  I took a range of images to highlight the strangely quiet streets, parks and playgrounds in and around Oxford. There is an eerie silence when walking around...
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Dog walking during Covid-19 lockdown

Photography Project – Teenage Life During Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 Lockdown Photography Project During the Covid-19 Lockdown I have started a photography project – photographing teenage life. At this time the children are unable to attend school and only allowed to leave the house for exercise once a day. Lack of routine can be challenging at these times.  There will be an extended period...
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Photograph taken by Piranha Photography in London of Condoleezza Rice

Boardroom Ethnic Diversity – You can’t be what you can’t see

February 2020 – update to the below boardroom research into Ethnic Diversity carried out by Piranha Photography – Here is the link to the news article on the BBC talking about boardroom ethinic diversity – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51371670 It seems since the survey carried out by Piranha Photography in 2018 nothing much has change in the boardroom...
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