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Business Portrait Photography for Private Equity Company – PR and Website

Private Equity company photograph - Portrait taken outdoors in London

Business Portrait Photography for Private Equity Company

Here you can see a few of the portrait photographs we have been taking for Piranha’s for new private equity client – BGF.

The photography takes place outside, utilising a wide variety of London backdrops.  This outdoor photography gives a fresh and different look to the images than a simple headshot against a plain background.

The business regularly commissions photography of new starters to add to the current website.  The pictures are taken around London in a mix of locations.  The key on the day is to help the subjects to relax and enjoy the photo shoot.

Piranha also helps the client with PR photography when there is a relevant new business story that they need coverage of.  Sometimes the work requires images to be taken in different parts of the UK, and of team members in a group.

New photographs of staff members …

Website with portraits on team page

Screen Grab - Website team page of Private Equity company

Staff portrait on private equity company web page taken in London for new website

Business portrait on website taken outdoors in London

Website photograph of team member outside in London

Photograph of staff taken outside in LondonPortrait for company taken in Nottingham

Recent photography for LinkedIn news story

This recent photograph was take for BGF of one of the companies they are investing in.

The photograph features the team and was used on LinkedIn as well as for other marketing and PR uses.

Team photographed for LinkedIn

LinkedIn post with portrait

PR photography – portraits appearing in the press

These recent portraits proved useful as PR photography when they were featured in the press in a range of magazines online and as hard copy –

Portrait appearing in online press publication - PR Photographer London

PR Photographer London - photograph of CEO in publication

LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn recommendation from Private Equity client for portrait photography in London


Hi Sam, Thanks for sending this through – they all look great! We had some really great feedback about Douglas too, from everyone who had their photo taken. Kind regards, - Client
Hi Sam, Hope all is well! Please let Douglas know that everyone loves their photos from the other day. He works wonders. Thanks again, - Client