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In the seemingly endless quest for more control over lighting to get the better pictures ever faster, I am very happy with the new PocketWizard Plus III flash triggers they allow firstly a very reliable wireless trigger to my flash units which means no long ‘Health and Safety’ issues over trailing cables across the floor. They have 32 channels which sounds like overkill but on some shoots there is a lot of interference from other electronic gadgets, such as the time I took the portrait of the CEO of CrossRail in front of one of the new digging machines, the electronic control systems in place meant I had to change channel several times to get a reliable trigger. They also have four different zones, so I can have several locations set up for portraits and only trigger the relevant flash heads when needed. This is very useful in an office environment to stop firing all the flashes at once every time the camera takes a shot in a room quite a way away. All in all its one of those pieces of kit that isn’t an obvious showy device but works reliably every time and keeps shoot disruption to a minimum.

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