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Team Photography for Brochet, in New Andover Offices

Team Photography for company

Team Photography for Brochet, in New Andover Offices

It was great to have the opportunity to take the team photography for Brochet in their new corporate offices near Andover.

The brief was to capture the team at work in a documentary style, so that disruption was kept to a minimum, but with a little guidance from the photographer, the best shots could be achieved in the time frame. It’s important to photograph staff actively engaged in their day to day work to produce more active and attractive images, which then look more believable for a website.

For this photography I used a very fast 50mm lens to allow the ambient light to be retained and keep the subject sharp and in focus with the background rendered softly out. Using the mood board and brief from the design agency, I ensured the reportage look throughout the day was consistent and that the photography would fit the style of the new website.

LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn Recommendation from corporate client after team photography


We now have a professional set of images we can use in any client-facing materials. - Client