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LinkedIn Portraits – Posts Featuring Photographs taken for Private Equity Client

Private equity company posts on LinkedIn featuring photography by Piranha LinkedIn Portraits - Posts Featuring Photographs taken for Private Equity Client 1

LinkedIn Portraits – Posts Featuring Photographs taken for Private Equity Client

Silverfleet use Piranha Photography’s outdoor and indoor portraits of their staff to illustrate their LinkedIn posts, to keep their followers up-to-date with news about the business.

Outdoor Photography for LinkedIn

Piranha Photography has photographed employees at the company for several years now.  The photoshoots are usually outdoors in London and the location is discussed with the marketing team before we head out with ‘time limited’ directors.

The photographs provide a variety of corporate portraits for the company’s website and other materials and are designed to showcase an approachable, competent team set within a background context of London.  It is refreshing to see more visually interesting photography being used on LinkedIn which is more than just a simple headshot, this makes the posts more eye catching and helps to add personality to the company’s updates.

LinkedIn post featuring 3 photographs by Piranha Photography

Consistent Photography taken across Europe

Piranha have travelled internationally for Silverfleet taking their staff portraits in a number of countries across Europe.  This ensures that all website and marketing materials have a consistent look and feel.

If a client decides to use different photographers in different countries, they will subtly interpret a photography brief in alternative ways and shoot with different cameras and lenses. The differences wouldn’t be apparent on the day but when images were all collated together in one document at a later date or used on a webpage, they would most likely look inconsistent and ill considered.

Piranha travels with all the photography kit required for any eventuality so that should the weather turn bad, we can get the same look and feel to the photography for example using flash indoors and again with the blurred backdrop.

We use a large softbox to generate a very soft light to mimic the look of the light normally present outdoors, so that we can still use our very fast lenses to ensure that, despite the large flash a shallow depth of field is still easily achievable, and everything looks consistent in the final photographs.

Portraits by Piranha Photography used on LinkedIn

Staff member - portrait taken by Piranha in London

Headshots appearing in LinkedIn post

Portrait used in LinkedIn news post

Real Deals article

The below screen shot shows one of Piranha’s photographs being used to accompany an article appearing in Real Deals – A well read and respected publication specialising in articles on European Private Equity companies.

The portrait was taken for the company in London, very near their offices at St Paul’s and the softly blurred backdrop is used to convey a London and City context without distracting from the main subject.

PR Photography like this can make all the difference between a magazine or newspaper running the image as a half page if it grabs the editor’s attention or conversely as a small profile image if it has a plain backdrop. Editorial and news stories can offer an opportunity for great publicity so some time spent getting interesting portraits to illustrate the articles can benefit the company in many ways.

Professional portrait photograph taken by Piranha in London appearing in Real Deals Private equity publication


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Silverfleet are great to work with. The photography takes place at outside locations in London and across the UK. The staff are all keen to have interesting and varied portraits, even if this requires going down to the beach by the Thames to provide a creative background. - Douglas, Photographer