Piranha Photography - London Corporate Photographer

Office Photography and Video for Kingfisher Digital in London

Piranha was commissioned by Kingfisher Digital as part of Kingfisher Plc to populate their website with new office photography and video interviews. The company is on the forefront of coding and innovation, for their flagship stores.  They provide consumer facing software to aid and simplify the online shopping experience. The photographic brief was to provide...
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Corporate Videos by Piranha

Here is a showreel of the corporate videos Piranha has carried out for a variety of businesses both in the UK and abroad.  Some of the pieces were talking heads when company directors described what work their organisations were carrying out.  Other footage is from company events and parties, and sometimes conferences in London –...
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Corporate Video – Interviews and Events

Piranha has been helping many clients with their corporate videos over the past year. These include interviews where companies use online media to describe their companies strengths and areas of business, this also allows for the use of video cutaways to illustrate the day to day workings and bring the interview to life through the...
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Corporate Videos Project for Investor Meeting and Website

We  wanted to share with you a recent email from one of our private equity clients after their recent investor presentation, when the videos Piranha had worked on and produced with them were presented – Dear Sam, Douglas and Adrian,   Last week’s investor meeting was the ‘best one yet’ in Simon’s opinion and we...
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Video for Investment Management Firm in London

A short corporate video introducing London based investment management firm. This required filming 4 interviews and then editing the footage to produce a piece for the companies forthcoming conference and another for use on their website –
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A Corporate Video in Progress

Creating a successful and relaxed corporate video requires two people The photograph shows a typical setup by our videographer. Douglas (on the right) is art directing to ensure that the speaker feels as relaxed as possible and to help guide the person being filmed. Having a two man team on location works very well, as...
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