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Great Corporate Video Needn’t Be a Big Cost Production

Photograph of corporate video being filmed in London

Great corporate video needn’t be a big cost production

Put off by the cost of making corporate videos?  Don’t be. Gone are the days when the best corporate videos took days to shoot, needed hefty lighting rigs and many hours in post-production.

Today, visually interesting and exciting business videos can be made on much more modest budgets than even just a few years ago. To give a feel for costs, what once could easily have cost up to £50,000 can now be delivered for a fraction of that budget with no loss of quality.

Technology has moved on

The reason why budgets can be much smaller these days is that there have been massive improvements to cameras and editing software. This has brought highly professional videos that feature music, sound effects, animation as well as great shots within the budgets of even the smallest firms.

Video drives a lot of social media

Video should be considered part of any company’s marketing and public relations armoury. It is the driving force for social media accounts, especially Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. But these days all social media platforms use video but it’s worth producing content that is shot and cut to suit each particular feeds’ audiences. One size will not fit all.

But more than this, video content is ranked highly by Google and other search engines, helping organic searches for your firm’s products or services rise up the results pages. Video is also inherently flexible. Filmed conversations, say between a CEO and a professional interviewer, could be quickly repurposed as podcasts and distributed on Spotify.

Get multiple bangs for your buck

From a single video shoot, all manner of videos can be made. Some can be no more than 30 seconds to a minute, others much longer. But whatever the length, video provides emotional, distinctive and memorable content for your firm’s website and social media feeds. Video can also be recut specifically for highlight reels at awards ceremonies, conferences or trade shows.

In short, one well made, professionally produced video shoot can – and should – generate multiple bangs for your buck.

Stuck for topics?

Video serves all kinds communication purposes. Yes, needs will differ from business to business, but an eye catching video can play an essential role in most firms’ brand storytelling, new product and service offering launches, thought leadership pieces and CSR credentials. Video is particularly powerful for delivering heartfelt management vision statements and for individual case studies and customer testimonials.

What’s an effective business video strategy?

All video should be made in service of an objective. Keep this in mind so you don’t lose sight when budgeting and devising creative strategies. By understanding what role the video(s) play in a broader business and brand sense will ensure everybody involved in the project stays focussed on producing something purposeful and effective.

What should a marketer be looking for in a video production company?

Corporate videos tend to be interview heavy which can be a little dry, especially if the subject matter is technical or features an interview with one key executive. Two camera shoots, featuring cut aways for reaction shots, can really help bring these types of video to life.

Marketers should also be looking for video makers who are naturally empathetic and have the skills and experience to help nervous participants relax. It also helps if your videographer is intellectually curious and committed to understanding fully the client’s business. Experienced interviewers will be able to ensure corporate messaging and brand narratives to come to the fore but without pushing them beyond credibility and acceptability.

A good production company never makes assumptions about what you want. It will uncover your objectives through sympathetic brief-taking and come up with creative ideas and different ways of approaching your project(s) to deliver a solution that perfectly matches your needs.

Corporate videographer at work with camera in London during filming


Video should be considered part of any company’s marketing and public relations armoury. It is the driving force for social media accounts, especially Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. - Douglas, Photographer
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