Putting a Team Together for Oxford Client’s New Website Project

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Website design and photography team –

One of our client’s needed a fast turnaround of a new website with design and photography in a short time frame.  We quickly arranged both office and portrait photography as well as introducing the design team to work hand in hand with the client to produce a stunning new webdesign utilising Piranha’s photographs throughout.

Dear Samantha,

Just a brief update to thank you again for the wonderful photographs, and to let you know that things have progressed really well with Stephen and the website is already looking a whole lot more professional and modern.

Thank you so much for your help – so much appreciated, and we are really pleased with the way things are moving on.

Best wishes,

The finished website –

Webpage showing Piranha's Photographs

A few of the photographs used on the website –
Office working photograph for website

Office photography of Oxford Business Corporate Photographer London

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