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Conference Photography – Portfolio Day at the South Bank, London

Photograph of speaker at Porfolio day in London

Portfolio Day Photography at the South Bank, London

A busy and interesting day with a wide range of speakers all presenting during Portfolio Day at the South Bank in London.

Photography was to feature the attendees as well as speakers and the audience during presentations. The brief was to show the guests networking and enjoying BGF’s hospitality, then to highlight the various speakers discussing matters such as exit strategies and wider topics such as economic recovery and the many benefits to be had from staff diversity.

Tim Harford OBE was a keynote speaker from Radio 4’s ‘More or Less’, and the after dinner speaker was the well known BBC Political corespondent John Pienaar.

Afterwards the conference images were used on LinkedIn and other social media channels as well as on the company website.

Photography of Portfolio Day for Private Equity companySpeaker being interviewed during portfolio day Speaker presenting at Portfolio Day on London's Southbank Speakers at portfolio day of private equity company in London Presentation by speakers - Q and A in London  Speaker at Portfolio Day in London Panel of experts at London Portfolio Day event

News articles on website

The photography and a commentary on the day were described on the Insights section of the company website.

Portfolio Day Photograph taken in London on company website Photograph on website of speaker at London event on company website


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