Photography in Finland and Bratislava of Portfolio Companies

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Piranha’s team of photographer and videographer travelled to Helsinki and Bratislava to video the key managers at two portfolio companies.  The managers described their business during the video.

Piranha also took photographs of the locations and facilities at both premises.  Here are a few of the images taken –

Helsinki Photography

Location photography of portfolio company building near Helsinki Corporate Photographer London Corporate Photographer London

Bratislava Photography

Photographs of Facilites in Bratislava showing buildings and equipment Corporate Photographer London Corporate Photographer London Corporate Photographer London

Piranha Photography

Piranha Photography

Professional corporate photography and video for companies in London, the rest of the UK and Europe. Piranha are commissioned by FTSE100 companies and start-ups alike, for numerous projects, covering a wide range of work and styles. Portraits and office photography for use on websites, events coverage and PR shots for press and publications, as well as Board and location photography for annual reports. Using top of the range Leica cameras and lenses. Processing of images is fast and to an extremely high standard.
Piranha Photography
Hi Sam, Great, thank you very much. I enjoyed the two days away with Douglas and Adrian, and thought it all went very well. I was very pleased. And the photos are very good! Thanks - Client