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A Leica in the Boardroom – The New Leica M10

Photograph of new Leica M10 Camera with Noctilux lens

A Leica in the Boardroom

Persona Grata with Leica

Of late, a strange thing has been happening when shooting CEOs and other board directors at corporate photo-shoots. I have suddenly become a person of interest.

I’ve been working for well over 20 years as a professional photographer. Normally on a CEO shoot, the best I can expect is a quick handshake, the briefest of enquiries about my train journey, and then a reluctant five minutes in front of my camera while I get on with the job. Most CEOs would much rather be running their businesses than standing in front of my camera. Or so it seemed.

Photograph of Board Director during Meeting

The New Leica M10

What’s changed? This Christmas I bought a Leica M10 to add to my Leica SL and Leica M240 cameras. This new camera is of such iconic status it’s changed the whole tone of virtually every big shoot I’ve done since.

Such is the Leica M10’s mystique, it’s like opening your wallet and flourishing a black Amex card. The camera is so well put together, so perfectly engineered, so – forgive me – beautiful in its form and function, that CEOs can’t resist asking me what’s it like to use. I have become persona grata with the senior executive.

Photograph of Private Equity company Director taken with Leica camera

Believe this, I am now routinely spending an extra half hour at every directors’ shoot to talk with them afterwards about the Leica M10. And like every professional who loves the tools of their craft and sharing their passion, this is time well spent.

A Camera with Depth and Colour Accuracy

What I love about the M10 is that it’s been stripped back to the essentials. It’s a classic case of less is more. While the camera itself has been stripped of fripperies, it generously gives back far more in terms of the depth of its images and colour accuracy.

Photograph for corporate client of Director during meeting in London

I love the Manual Focus Lens

Personally, I love the manual lens focus. By not using auto, the camera forces me to slow down, think more, notice more, plan better and not waste shots. Rapid multiple shots have given way to single clicks of the shutter, and the results are all the better for it. It’s as if I’ve gone back to using real film where every frame counts.

I’ve used Canons and Nikons for years and they’re all fine cameras. But the Leica is in a league of its own, the professional photographer’s choice, bar none, and – who’d have known? – it appears also to be the camera that would be the CEO’s first choice.

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What I love about the M10 is that it’s been stripped back to the essentials. It’s a classic case of less is more. - Douglas, Photographer
Hi Douglas, I could tell by the quality of the shots they probably weren't coming out of a standard camera set up, but I'm just an interested amateur. The soft focus bringing to attention the subject in a pleasing light was just what I wanted. I let the boys get family and friend to shoot with their phones and the results were predictable.So when they'd had a go I told them it was time to do it professionally.I was out of the office on the day and good on you for getting the backgrounds you wanted.Very pleased with your work.- Client