Appointing a Photographer – Things to Consider

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Photograph of Douglas Fry

So you are trawling the web looking for a photographer, what are the differences between photographic companies?  They are most definitely not all the same thing or offering the same capabilities –

Experience and people skills

Q: If your Directors are giving up a morning or afternoon of their time to be photographed for an important document or website are you certain that you are going to receive a good selection of photographs afterwards?  Is the photographer going to be able to keep the Directors interested and focused during the shoot?  Is there sufficient variation in angles and expressions to contribute to the company image library?

A: You can see from Piranha’s website and blog that we have masses of experience taking successful business photographs for our clients. Experience and confidence when on a photo shoot is paramount in getting the subjects to respond well to the camera and the photographer, this is not straightforward in many cases when time is short and the photography is not ‘top’ of Directors list of important things for the day.

Always getting the shot

Q: Is the photographer able to guarantee a large number of successful images will be taken on the day or will they come back with excuses afterwards about how difficult it was or the light wasn’t right / subjects uncooperative so actually they managed merely a handful?  The last thing you will want is to have to arrange a reshoot.

A: On a photo shoot our photographer will ensure that as many photographs as possible are taken to fulfill the brief.  This means that you will have a broad selection and a library of images for use later.  It allows a mix of expressions and means that you can pick and choose what you need.

The best equipment

Q: Will the photographer have the best cameras on the market to achieve the best colour and exposure? Do they have an in-depth knowledge of how to use the cameras, not just the culmination of a couple of courses?  Do they have two cameras just in case there is a problem with one of them on the day?

A: We shoot on THE best professional cameras available on the market with THE best prime lenses.  This is extremely important as the light and exposure will be perfect and the files generated by these cameras are of absolute top quality.  Our studios are packed with top of the range computers and specialist photographic software, so that the images can be processed for you, and are immediately available.  Piranha has its own dedicated server to host your websites of images – these websites are enormously helpful for viewing and selecting purposes and allow for very fast access to your files.  We can also FTP images and send discs of hi res jpegs.

Back up is a must

Q: Do they back up all the images at least 3 times and one off site?

A: All hard drives fail eventually but Piranha’s comprehensive backup strategy will mean that no data can be lost, no matter what.

What file types?

Q: Do they shoot RAW files as a professional photographer should or just jpeg because they don’t have the expertise or kit to handle RAW files?

A: Piranha photographs everything on the maximum quality RAW file.  There is a greater depth of colour and quality to a RAW file that is lost to a jpeg shooter.

Piranha is a professional photography company and highly recommended by our clients.  Photography may sound like a small thing but it can make or break your marketing literature.

Piranha Photography

Piranha Photography

Professional corporate photography and video for companies in London, the rest of the UK and Europe. Piranha are commissioned by FTSE100 companies and start-ups alike, for numerous projects, covering a wide range of work and styles. Portraits and office photography for use on websites, events coverage and PR shots for press and publications, as well as Board and location photography for annual reports. Using top of the range Leica cameras and lenses. Processing of images is fast and to an extremely high standard.
Piranha Photography
Thanks Sam – totally delighted with the photographs, much appreciated! One of the them is probably the best photo I’ve ever had taken of me!! Thanks again! - PR Client