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Need Corporate Photographs But Want to Avoid Image Library Fees?

Photograph of factory taken in Finland

Photography in Finland of power stations for marketing literature, as part of a Pan-European project

Need Corporate Photographs But Want to Avoid Image Library Fees?

Tracking the use of licensed images can be a costly headache

Tracking the use of licensed images can be a costly headache.  If you use the services of image libraries or some photographers, you will be strictly restricted to their licensing terms.

If you break the terms and use their images, even by accident, in annual reports or any other marketing materials that are not covered by your original agreement, you’ll be facing retrospective fees. And they will find out!

Photograph showing group of people in meeing in London offices

Office photography for annual report

Creating your own image library

Large companies have the biggest challenge tracking licenced images. With marketing teams spread out over different parts of the country, or perhaps in different countries, they often discover no-one considered seeking permission before they used a licenced image.  Piranha Photography will save you time and money if you’re considering creating your own image library.

You can use our images in your library as many times as you like for as long as you like. They can be used across all your marketing materials, including your website, (but excluding advertising) and there’s no extra fee other than our standard shoot cost. Nice and simple.

London architects pictured for new website

Collaborative meeting photography for new website

Why are we doing this?

We have found that the typical lifespan of a set of corporate images is generally just one year.  Therefore, with or without a licence clients often want a new set of pictures.

Of course, some photographs can be used year on year, but most will be reshot in the natural course of a branding or website refresh.

So the next time you’re commissioning portrait photography, why not allow some extra time in the shoot for me to take some location shots, or shots of your facilities or office interiors?  It will help you build a library of fresh, totally original images that tell the unique story of your business.

To find out more have a look at some of the examples of Piranha Photography’s corporate photography on the website and then drop us an email.


I think your photographs are fantastic and there are some group shots in particular that capture a moment so perfectly and look so natural, I think they are brilliant. " -Design Manager, Equistone Partners Europe Limited