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Recent Client Photography for National Press


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Recent Client Photography for National Press

The brief was to take an eye-catching image, which would then be used by the national press, in the shortest possible time.

I requested an hour or so just for the recce, in which to pick out a minimum three locations/styles for variety and size of reproduction. I aim for – a strong tight shot in case it runs small in the press and a larger more environmental portrait in case they do decide to print the image at a large size.

Once the three locations have been identified I set up and take test shots in each place, making a note of the technical settings. The subject is then called and shot in position number one. Directors are often very surprised that they are only required for about 30 seconds, as everything is already worked out. I pack up and move to the next, the director is called once more and another 30 seconds to get the shots required once I am all set up.

All in all the time required is 1.5 minutes for the director, OK I have to spend time setting up and moving kit around between shots, but the director is pleasantly surprised and the PR agency get their images in the national press. Everyone is happy.