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London School of Business and Finance – Rebranding and Advertising Photography

Model posing in photograph taken for business school in central London

London School of Business and Finance – Rebranding and Advertising Photography

London School of Business and Finance – LSBF is a business school in the heart of London which attracts students from around the globe.

It is vital for the college to have plenty of imagery available with which to represent the college to students applying from both at home and abroad.  LSBF work with corporate partners to provide educational programmes.

It is particularly important for foreign students to be able to see the business school’s environment and be able to get a sense of the college and day-to-day life there. There are many aspects of the daily timetable, building and London itself which LSBF was keen to capture photographically.

Locations included – lecture halls, tuition sessions, library, reception, parks and streets in London to highlight the nearby parks and squares for pastimes like cycling and relaxing.

Advertising photography for business school's rebranding in London

The photography brief

This was a major photographic project as London School of Business and Finance needed a large library of images to cover all aspects of the business school.

The plan was for photography to take place over 10 consecutive days. The pictures taken were of models in the various spaces and lecture theatres.

There was a great deal of planning prior to the photography taking place.

Lecture photographed by Piranha for new literature being produced by university

Choice of models for the photography

There were days of ‘castings’ when models being considered for the photography arrived and were interviewed to get a sense of whether they would be a good fit for the photography and suit the business school’s image. Then the models relevant to the different days were arranged as well as their wardrobe and props for the photography from newspapers, laptops and other items.

Models were used instead of actual students because, such things as setting up a shoot, with props takes some time but then we needed the subject to be very receptive to direction, posing and getting the right look as quickly as possible so we could move onto the next location. Often real students were very busy and would feel self-conscious, with several art directors and designers present giving advice and they would not pose well, or feel uncomfortable with the large flash lights and cameras. A model will be fine throughout the day and look relaxed almost immediately.

London park photography for brochures and marketing materials

The schedule for the photo shoots

Once the dates for the days of photography were set, models booked and weather forecast viewed for the outdoor shooting days all was in place for the photo shoots.

Business man photograph for business school in London

The photography once underway

The actual photography sessions were extremely busy with a morning and afternoon session each day with a variety of models and locations.

Sometimes the photo shoots required lighting set ups and time to arrange the models who were to appear in the shots, whether they were the subject or the ‘blurred colleagues’ behind them and on other occasions the photography took place outside in London parks and streets.

The photography ran over 10 days and generated 16,000 images.  The college required all of the photographs to be supplied as hi resolution files almost immediately after each day of photography had been completed so the processing workflow had to be very slick and thought through in advance.

Business meeting photographed for new materials in London

Ultimate use of images

The library of photographs provided a rich source of images for many different promotional needs from websites and brochures through to advertising.  The college was undergoing a rebrand at the time so the new images were to fit into the new look and feel.

London Advertising Campaign

Advertising photography appearing on underground station billboard in London

Photograph of London bus featuring photography by Piranha

Advertisements featuring the photographs taken by Piranha appeared on London buses the London Underground, on the side of buses and elsewhere in printed media.

Slideshow of a few of the photographs taken over the 10 days of photoshoots in London

Here you can see a video showing a sample of the photography taken around the Business School and London for London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) –


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After a very busy 10 days of photography, with help from a good art director the final images look strong and the client was pleased. Great too to spot one of the pictures featured across the tube station platform in central London - Douglas, Photographer