NEWS FLASH – New MacBook Pro for Faster Processing

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New MacBook Pro Laptop for Piranha Photography

For the average photoshoot, the kit required weighs in about 30kg; there is a camera case, long tripod case and a rucksack filled with the obligatory laptop and ancillaries.

Frequently these days, the images are required immediately after the shoot, especially in the case of PR commissions. My trusty MacBook Pro whilst still in fine fettle operationally is getting long in the tooth and I felt that a Christmas present to myself and by proxy to my clients would be a new sleeker model. Sleeker they are too, gone is the CD drive shaving many millimeters from the depth and nearly doubled is the resolution with its fancy grain free Retina display in the new MacBook Pros. The hard drive is now PCIe flash memory style, which is much faster than the now ubiquitous Solid State Drive.

The upshot? I can process files MUCH faster than before (its truly on a par with my not so portable office bound Mac Pro) and the weight I lug around from shoot to shoot has been significantly reduced. So if you need a speedy turnaround of hi res, colour corrected files for a press release, then please call our office on 020 7193 9446 – I’m sure we can help.

Piranha Photography

Piranha Photography

Professional corporate photography and video for companies in London, the rest of the UK and Europe. Piranha are commissioned by FTSE100 companies and start-ups alike, for numerous projects, covering a wide range of work and styles. Portraits and office photography for use on websites, events coverage and PR shots for press and publications, as well as Board and location photography for annual reports. Using top of the range Leica cameras and lenses. Processing of images is fast and to an extremely high standard.
Piranha Photography
I can process files MUCH faster than before and the weight I lug around from shoot to shoot has been significantly reduced - Douglas, Photographer