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London Photography Project – Hidden Gems of the River Thames

Street Photography of London's South Bank next to the Thames

London Photography Project – Hidden Gems of the River Thames

These photographs focus on a variety of different locations along London’s river Thames and some of the interesting and different parts of the banks of the river which caught my eye.

The Thames is a long and meandering river and throughout its length there are communities and zones which are unique. This blog post will be added to over time to highlight a specific area that has caught my attention and become an extended photography project.

1) The Southbank

The Southbank is a vibrant and colourful section of the Thames with a mass of shops and food stalls as well as graffiti and skateboarders enjoying the concrete jungle.

The area is in stark contrast to its much wealthier neighbour on the other side of the Thames and attracts a more bohemian vibe of theatres, restaurants, galleries, open spaces and street food. On any Sunday throughout the year its a busy place, so I thought I would start my hidden gems blog in London’s South Bank.

London photography project - woman on the Southbank Woman photographed on London's Southbank

2) The Riverside near St Paul’s Cathedral

At low tide you can walk along the river’s edge by St Paul’s and look for interesting images to capture, and get views of the city or St Paul’s from a fresh perspective.

The beachcombers are often out in force searching for relics and treasures dating as far back as the Roman times. I enjoy the chance to walk on a beach in London, just don’t go too close to the water’s edge the sand can be VERY soft there as my soaked socks and shoes will testify.

Photography of St Paul's Cathedral from the edge of the Thames

Photography of the Millennium Bridge from the edge of the ThamesPhotography looking up at the City of London from the beach next to the Thames

3) Eel Pie Island Photography in Twickenham

Eel Pie Island with it’s interesting past and now resident artist community was too tempting a photography project to resist. The island has a rich history dating back to being a favoured stopping off point for Henry VIII on his way to Hampton Court to sample the well-known Thames eels, presumably in a pie format.

London Photography Project - Hidden Gems of the River Thames 1

In more recent times the only hotel on the tiny island, the Eel Pie Hotel, famed for its sprung dance floor became an incredible Mecca for R&B bands and later The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Black Sabbath all played there. Sadly, the hotel did burn down under mysterious circumstances in 1971, to be replaced by a housing area called Aquarius and has some very expensive properties.

Today the island is host to a collection of artists, architects and boat builders, and many have taken to outlandish additions and decorations to their homes. It doesn’t take long to explore, but Eel Pie Island still retains a unique hippy and happy community atmosphere and for a photographer makes for a worthy addition to this photography project.

Photography of Eel Pie Island boats

PHotography of community and houses on Eel Pie IslandLondon photography project - houses on Eel Pie IslandBoats photographed on Eel Pie Island in London


I have been working on a new photography project. The pictures are of various places along the River Thames. You can see a few of the photographs in this blog post.I will be continuing to build on the collection of images when a new location catches my eye. - Douglas, Photographer