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LinkedIn Recommendation from Internet Technology Company for Outdoor Photography

Photograph of Staff Member in Shoreditch - LinkedIn Recommendation
Portrait taken in Hoxton - LondonHead shot for company taken outdoors
company portrait taken in London streetPhotograph taken outdoors in London of staff member
Photograph taken outdoors for technology company
Head shot taken in London Street

Piranha spent a few days photographing the staff of this internet technology company and received the below LinkedIn recommendation.

The brief was to capture a sense of the office location in Hoxton, London.  The photographer used a shallow depth of field and a large reflector so as to retain the vibrant colours in the street. This method allows for a more eye-catching set of website images, especially when used with a text overlay/logo, rather than the typical grey or white indoor portrait. Each person was out of the office for about 10 minutes during the photo shoot, this allowed time to get some different portrait options.

LinkedIn Recommendation –

Recommendation from LinkedIn Internet Technology Company
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Hi Sam, Thank you for the photos. We loved it and we loved Douglas too! Thanks! Best, Nicole