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Headshot Photography of Medical Team in London Hospitals

Medical professionals photgoraphy in London - headshots

Headshot Photography of Medical Team in London Hospitals

HCA Healthcare provide healthcare at a number of hospitals throughout London.   HCA is the largest private healthcare provider in the world, providing compassionate care to patents no matter what they need.

The photography brief for healthcare team

This medical company required a number of members of healthcare staff to have their headshots taken against a plain white backdrop.

For each photoshoot the necessary lighting and backdrop was set up and then the staff members photographed in turn.  The days had to be managed within a tight nursing schedule, so the time with each person was limited and had to run smoothly. For each person we needed to work fast to get the warm friendly smile asked for in the brief.

After the photoshoots

The preferred photographs could them be selected from the images taken on the day and individuals ‘cut out’ in PhotoShop. The bias of the Medical portrait to the left or the right had to match the copy placement in the recruiting advertisement.

The photography was successfully used for an advertising campaign to recruit more nurses and for other roles in HCA’s hospitals. The photoshoots took place over a number of days in a variety of different London hospitals.

healthcare headshot photography of medical team - photographs taken in London hospitals


HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHY Medical Professionals Photography
Photographing headshots of the nurses and doctors in theses London hospitals was a fun experience on a tight schedule. It was good too to see the photographs appearing on the London Underground as part of the company's advertising campaign. - Douglas, photographer