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Board Photography for Annual Report 2016/17

Photograph of Chairman in annual report taken by Piranha Photography

Photography of Chief Executive in Annual report - full page in black and white

Chief Financial Officer pictured in annual report

Board members photographed for Annual Report Black and White photograph of board member in annual report Group shot of board of directors in 2016/17 Annual report Photograph of leadership team in annual report

Board Photography for Annual Report 2016/17

The head office in London of this company required that the board members to be photographed together as a group  for their annual report 2016/17 as well as individually.

The final photographs were used as black and white portrait shots to accompany the individual reviews and sections of the report and group shots for the relevant pages.  The final published report pages featuring the photographs can be seen above.

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ANNUAL REPORT PHOTOGRAPHY Individual Board Photographs Photography of Board Members as a group BOARD OF DIRECTORS PHOTOGRAPHY
Hi Sam, hope you’re well? We keep getting great internal feedback about the report in general, and also about this year’s photos, so thanks again to Douglas! Many thanks, - Client