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Advice on How to Take the Best Halloween Photographs

Halloween Photograph

Advice on How to Take the Best Halloween Photographs

Tips for shooting at night – ghouls permitting

A tripod or some sort of steadying device is vital for good night time photography. Low light levels mean shutter speeds take longer, increasing the likelihood of blur. Flash is useful too for warding off advancing witches, zombies and skeletons!

The next bit is trickier but the exposure should be manually adjusted from the automatic setting. Forgive the quick technical explanation for a moment. All cameras are adjusted to assume the scene they are viewing is more or less 18% grey, once the light areas and dark areas are averaged. A night scene will have much less ‘grey’ so you must dial in -1 or -2 stops to get the correct light levels in the camera. There is usually a dial on the top of your camera that can be turned to an optimum setting.

Then, include a little flash to make the zombie stand out from your night scene. Ideally switch the flash to manual and experiment with various output powers to balance the ambient light with the flash. That way the haunted house in the background remains visible but the ghoul is in stark relief. The double benefit is that the ghost will be disoriented by the sudden light and you can scarper to the pub.

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I just wanted to let you know that I very much enjoy your blog entries :) Hope all well & have an exciting Halloween! Maria