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Event Photography – ‘Making Events Eventful Through Imagery’

Ed Milliband Photograph during corporate event at RSA in London

Ed Miliband during interview at the Royal Society of Arts Festival

Making events eventful through imagery

I think you can agree that events should be eventful. They should be dynamic occasions where things happen, where new ideas or products are introduced with a sense of drama and excitement.

Events should be interesting for speakers and audiences alike, not corporate snoozeathons where tired old speeches and presentations are given yet another airing while audiences stare at their watches desperate to go to the bar.

Corporate Event Photoraphy in London at the RSA

A networking event for Royal Society of Arts in London

What do clients want from photographers shooting at events?

Corporate clients are very exacting – and rightly so – about just what they want from the photographer at their events.

A professional photographer at a corporate event like the Royal Society of Arts Fellows Festival in May, which I have used to illustrate this newsletter, is tasked with capturing the mood of the day, finding the exact moments where things have come to life, where the mood of the scene hopefully flows directly through the lens without looking staged or choreographed.

Clients also like to see their venues showcased in their best possible lights, and not just the main stage, but all the separate side rooms, corridors or gardens and outside spaces where different elements of the event are taking place or where people are happily mingling.

And for their own records clients also love photographs of their staff at work, interacting with attendees and each other because these images foster staff morale and corporate purpose.

Event photography in London - working group

A team building exercise for Royal Society of Arts in London

Candid reportage

Clients love images of people at the event interacting with one another, including laughing and enjoying themselves.

This means ahead of the event, the photographer should have planned precisely from where to shoot, working out lighting and angles so they are never in people’s way or making them feel uncomfortable under the scrutiny of a large lens.

Photograph of Nadhim Zahawi

Nadhim Zahawi speaking at the Royal Society of Arts in London

Flatter the speakers

Clients ask for exciting and strong images of guest speakers, like former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband shown above and Nadhim Zahawi shot in action, commanding the attention of the room.

They also request pictures of speakers in quieter moments, perhaps enjoying a one on one conversation, where they can be shown in a new light that challenges the public’s normal perceptions of them.

David Olusoga speaking at RSA event in London

David Olusoga during evening event at the Royal Society of Arts in London

Photography of Ed Balls speaking at the Science Museum in London

Ed Balls speaking at the Science Museum in London


A first class service received from Douglas and his team for the launch event of the London office of Olaniwun Ajayi (UK) LLP. The quality of the photos and videography we received was excellent and working with the entire team at Piranha Photography was great - definitely made our event run smoother. Thank you. - Client
Douglas has photographed several of our events and has always done a fantastic job! He is extremely organised, responsive, and professional which makes it very easy to work with him! His photos are always beautiful! I highly recommend working with Douglas and look forward to personally working with him again in the future! - Client