Photography of Deal Signing in London

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Photography commissioned to record the signing of a corporate deal in London –
Deal Signing - Photograph


Brilliant – thank you! And glad you could make the shoot – we sent your name highly recommended! PR Director

PR Photography for McCarthy and Stone – Images for the Press

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A photo shoot on location at McCarthy and Stone’s Site in Wallington, Surrey to generate intersting photographs of the Chairman and Chief Executive.  The first photograph to appear was in City A.M. –

PR Photograph in Press

Samantha these are great, thank you. We’ll share them with the client and let you know if there’s anything else we need. Best, Alison

Photographs taken in London for Magazine Article

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Below are a few of the photographs  taken for Rimini Street in London and subsequently published in Das E-3 Magazin as the cover story –

magazine article - Piranha Photography's images

Thomas Cook Signing at The National Gallery

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Signing Photograph at National Gallery

We were commissioned to record the historic signing of a contract between the British holiday group, Thomas Cook and Fosun, the Chinese conglomerate. The venue was imposing The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. The signing of the contract itself was to be recorded as was the drinks reception, private tour of the gallery and dinner in the very elegant Room 36, surrounded by paintings by Joshua Reynolds.

A small selection of the photographs taken during the evening –

Hi Douglas, Many thanks for delivering the photos on such a short notice. The images are really great. - Group Head of Communications at Thomas Cook

Team Photography on Landfill Site for Press Release

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A photo shoot for waste management company in Oxfordshire of the team working on site for use with a press release.  This was the selected image from the set taken that day –

Press Release Photograph


A Day in the Life of a Busy Corporate Photographer

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PR Corporate Event - CEO

Today was busy with a full day with a Canadian Investment house starting at 8.30am, shooting for their website and pitch documents…It is typical request and important for global companies that the photographs match an existing style, so previous photographs have to sent to us to examine to make sure our lighting style is very similar, so the London images can be uploaded and fit seamlessly with the other countries pictures. In this case the brief is to avoid a serious unsmiling look as this can look ‘worried’ or ‘concerned’ and equally laughing too much will appear cavalier. Something approachable yet competent is the ideal target.

That shoot complete lighting kit all packed up, a swift coffee and on to the next for a large retail group and the drinks reception in a West End hotel for the outgoing CEO and welcome to the new. Photographing a drinks reception requires a good sense of timing and anticipation. Getting backs of heads or unfortunate expressions isn’t an option, so keeping the camera to your eye, and circling the room catching a laugh here or gesture there is important to convey the atmosphere. I don’t use flash so I am rarely noticed, if at all, I make a mental note too of who the key directors are so that there can be a little emphasis on their shots over the course of the evening. Towards the end I keep a sharp eye too on the canapé’s, as frequently the staff are keen to offload onto starving photographers.  The day finished at 8.30pm.

Tomorrow I set the colour balance to a more neutral tone, check for contrast, composition and exposure and make a website for the client to view by lunchtime. Turnaround times need to be quite quick as the press often need a shot for their diary pages.

Corporate Photographer London

Hi Sam, Many thanks for sending the proofs through so quickly, they look great. These are a wonderful set of shots. Many thanks for all your help with this, Annette - Client

Online Portfolio – Corporate Photographer – Anna

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1 Corporate Events

A small selection of photographs from the day in London –

Small selection of photographs from the day in Portsmouth –

Conference Photography for Barclays Bank in City of London

Small selection of photographs from the day –

Event photographed in London – Tug of War in Westminster


2 Company Portraits

London based company head and shoulders portraits –

Anna Photograph Anna

Industrial Light & Magic New Studio Opening in London

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New Star Wars Studio

Piranha carried out photography of the opening by George Osborne of the Industrial Light & Magic new studio opening in London, the images were for use in the press –

Online photograph George Osborne UK IGN –

ILM new Studio Opening photograph on news website

The humble portrait with a white background

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Head and Shoulders Photograph

The humble portrait with a white background

Over the years I have lost count of the number of portraits I have taken that comprise of a head and shoulders image with a pure white background. It is easily the most popular format for any company needing a photograph of many employees that can have one room set aside for the day and doesn’t require resources or imposition .

It is a very versatile image, clean and concentrates the viewers attention on the subject, no busy distracting background, especially important if the profile photo is going to be relatively small on a website or document.

The background should be smooth and pure white so I always take a pop up screen as the client half remembered white wall turns out to be magenta after all and covered in picture hooks or marks.

The lighting should be even and consistent throughout the day, I use professional Elinchrom flash with a large soft box to illuminate the subject and another flash to light the background it has to be bright enough to override the ambient light, be that daylight, fluorescent strip or tungsten etc  as each will have its own colour cast and in the case of daylight vary over the time of day, but not so bright as to be off putting to the subject or singe their eyebrows.

Next the consideration of the clients expression and position relative to the camera. I never set a person such that they are square on to the camera, it looks too clumsy and intimidating, always have shots taken with the body turned away by about 1/3 but the head and eyes turned back towards the lens from both directions. Why? Because if the photograph is to appear on the left hand side of a web page for example then the body language has to be facing in towards the text, rather than having a suggestion of rejection by have his or her back to the copy.

The facial expression too should not be serious as this always implies a sense of worry or grim determination, equally a photograph of a director laughing doesn’t convey the gravitas required for a large company. The ideal expression is of course something in between the two, a look that implies competence, and professionalism but approachable too.

Allow about 10 minutes per person so there is enough time for late arrivals or swap arounds if there is a ‘no show’.

Portraits against a white background allow for easy cutouts and any suitable background dropped in at a later date. This has proved useful when a client will be moving offices in six months but needs the portraits now. The portraits can be cutout and placed against the new plush office backdrop without having to reshoot everyone.


A head and shoulders image with a pure white background is easily the most popular format for any company needing a photograph of many employees - Douglas Fry, Photographer
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