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The team at Piranha Photography are always busy on a variety of commissions in London and across the UK as well as abroad. This blog is an ideal way to keep our clients both old and new up to date with our business photography and corporate video work.

Portrait Photography – Shooting In The Great Outdoors

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Corporate portrait taken outdoors in London

Shooting in the great outdoors

Head and shoulders portrait photography of a senior executive shot against a plain grey or white background are always going to be essential for corporate press and marketing materials.

But don’t forget that for other occasions when your business needs to stand out, these standard Recent portrait photography by Piranha might not be powerful enough to grab your audience’s attention or make them think.

Contrast this with outdoor portrait photography by Piranha location shots, which when taken professionally, are naturally thought provoking while also providing greater context about the business.

As fashions change, we’ve found clients want their corporate imagery to be fresh and exciting and not me-too and tired. All of which is helping me persuade more and more clients to spare me around 10 minutes of their time to be photographed in the great outdoors.

Photograph of employee taken in London Street

Take it as read I’ll have scouted suitable locations near to their workplace before the shoot. Then armed with little more than a large reflector and Leica’s fast lenses, I can guarantee a set of portraits in under 10 minutes that are the opposite of business as usual.

If you look at the examples below from recent shoots, you’ll see they look more interesting than a standard corporate headshot.

Employee photograph taken in London with graffiti behind


Outdoor location shots, when taken professionally, are naturally thought provoking while also providing greater context about the business. - Douglas, Photographer

LinkedIn Portraits for Private Equity Client

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LinkedIn portraits can be extremely useful for marketing.   Good to see one of our photographs being used to accompany a LinkedIn post this week.

Congratulations to Inflexion on their 20th anniversary – A private equity company I have been working with for many years now, the corporate photography has changed and developed over the years, leaving behind the more formal look, and progressing to the contemporary approachable identity seen today on the new website. The brief from the design agency was to capture the personality of the subject, shown within the context of their new Marylebone offices. This required soft lighting from a large Elinchrom flash to light the subject but allow the ambient light either from the windows or even the rooms beyond to be on a parity. The depth of field was to be shallow too, so that the background was distracting in the image, I used my Leica Noctilux which has exceptional properties not least its fast aperture for that signature look. As always time with each person is limited but everything is set up prior to the subject arriving with test shoots and client approval, this means the time with the busy director etc is as efficient as possible.

Partners photographed by Piranha - LinkedIn update

and another one here –

Digital director photographed at company offices

Portrait of PE executive on LinkedIn

Board Photographer for Sainsbury’s Annual Report

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Piranha Photography was asked to arrange the board photographer for Sainsbury’s annual report.  The board photographs for Sainsbury’s were taken at the company’s head office in Holborn, London and featured in the annual report and on the website.

A big soft box was required to balance the ambient light and the flash, to give a more natural look. A shallow depth of field was chosen to give a sense of location without distracting from the subject.

The website of images Piranha Photography provided to Sainsbury’s offered a wide selection of portraits from which the Board members could choose their favourite photographs to appear in the final annual report and on the company website.

Banner of website showing company name Photograph taken by Piranha of Chairman Photograph of CEO taken in Holborn, London CFO photographed in London for website and AR Director's photograph on company website Non-Executive Director's photograph on website Director photographed by Piranha in London Director's photograph on website Director photographed outdoors for company website Picture of Director taken in London Holborn offices Board photographs website and annual report

Annual Report 2019

Below you can see a few of the Board of Director’s photographs taken by Piranha and featured in this year’s printed and online annual report

Sainsbury's annual report banner

Director's black and white photograph in annual report next to review section Double page spread of Directors in annual report document.

Barristers Chambers – New Portrait Photography for Website

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Piranha took new portrait photography for the barristers chambers 2 Harcourt Buildings as they needed all new photographs of their barristers for their new website.

The idea was to show the people within the context of their newly refurbished chambers, to look approachable and a safe pair of hands for their criminal law client base.

The website has a contemporary feel to it and the photographs were toned and cropped to differentiate the chambers from other practices in this busy area of legal work.

Barristers portrait on new website

Portrait photography of barristers for new website Web page showing barristers photographs taken in London offices

Photography of Consultants for Website

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Below are screen grabs to show Piranha’s photographs on Eden McCallum’s website. The company are a global firm and provide consultants and expertise to client’s on a project basis.  Each person’s portrait was taken in two styles, one as head and shoulders portraits against a grey background and another as an ‘environmental portrait’ within the office or alternatively outside in the surrounding London streets.  You can see some of the final selected images in situ below –

Website banner with company name Environmental Portrait of staff member Office photography of consultant Portrait taken in London street Photograph in office of consultant Photograph taken outside for company in London

New Website for PR Company – All New Photographs

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Piranha was asked to photograph all the London staff members for the company’s new website, as well as environmental images to illustrate the different areas of the business.  The theme for the portraits, decided on by the design agency, was to use glass to generate interesting and varied reflections.

The photography took place over a number of days and provided a wide choice of pictures.  Piranha also coordinated the photography across the world, briefing the different photographers, to ensure that the staff photography from all the other countries operated in by the business followed the brief and that the final images had the same look and feel –

PR Company Website Photography Website Staff Photographs Section New Staff Portraits

Portrait Photography of Clowns International, Grimaldi Church Service in London

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Photograph of clown taken in London

Each year there is a service at All Saints Church in Haggerston, East London, for the Grimaldi Service, all organised through Clowns International.

Joseph Grimaldi 1778-1837 is credited with founding the modern idea of the clown in England. Members of the public are encouraged to attend but the central pews are left for the clowns.

Selection of photographs of clowns

I thought I would get to the church early and set up a tight portrait space, with studio lighting and black background to make the clowns colourful costumes and faces stand out.  I am pleased with the results and the uncluttered look of the images, which I feel focuses more on the personality of the clowns. By the time the service started the church was absolutely packed, so I had to work fast to capture as many images as possible.

Clown family pictured together

One of the most interesting aspects of the day was to have an opportunity for several conversations with the clowns themselves, and to hear about their personal life stories, and what had brought them to clowning.

Clowns with different props - group of 4 images

I used a Leica M240, 35mm Summilux and Elinchrom flash (with an Octa softbox).  I have offered the portraits to the clowns for their own web pages.

Clown father with son posing for photograph

Clowns photographed in London

One of the most interesting aspects of the day was to have an opportunity for several conversations with the clowns themselves - Douglas, photographer

NEWS FLASH – Location Photography – Photographic innovation and imagination for familiar shoots

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Beach hut photograph by Piranha on BBC websiteFamiliar shoots demand photographic innovation and imagination

At the turn of the 20th Century, the modernist movement in art and literature coined its famous dictum: ‘Make it New.’

‘Making it New’ addressed the challenge of looking at familiar objects or landscapes as if through fresh eyes, trying to recapture the essence of seeing something for the first time.

It’s a challenge every photographer faces when trying to bring something new to familiar territory such as boardroom shoots when the only things that appear to have changed since the last one is that the directors are a little older or new directors have joined.

Photograph of beach hut on Portland

But with imagination and photographic technical know-how, it is still possible to Make it New for any professional photographer who relishes a challenge.

How so?  First, familiar settings offer opportunities to apply different photographic techniques, such as new compositions or framing. Then there’s the chance to use different styles such as reportage photography. This can be combined with more formal shots of meetings in progress, or with classic single headshots or group shots. Each client’s needs will be different. Lastly, lighting can also be varied, from flash to natural, or from high to low contrast. There are many ways at our disposal to freshen things up.

Photograph of a number of beach huts on Portland in Dorset

Technically, things are always changing too, and I’m working with new lenses and Leica camera bodies. And then there’s image processing, with the continuing improvements made to software like Lightroom and Capture 1 that give many more options to create distinctive styles that are fresh and contemporary.

I bring the same approach to my non-commercial work. I’ve been photographing the beach huts on Portland Bill in Dorset for nearly 30 years, and have pleasure in attaching one picture that was recently featured by the BBC

The huts offer huge photographic potential in all weathers, with the light constantly changing on the tip of Portland depending on the seasons, sea spray and time of day. In other words, the scenes are always new even though they are familiar.

Close up photograph of blue wooden door and window of beah hut

When I first began taking pictures of the seaside huts I used my film cameras – Leica M6’s and Fuji Velvia film. I have now progressed to Leica M10’s framing the huts on the same lens – 50mm Summilux.

If you think your board pictures or other corporate photography could do with some fresh thinking and a little inspiration, please get in touch. It’s always possible to Make it New for the New Year ahead.

When I first began taking pictures of the seaside huts I used my film cameras - Leica M6’s and Fuji Velvia film. I have now progressed to Leica M10’s framing the huts on the same lens - 50mm Summilux - Douglas, Photographer

Boardroom Ethnic Diversity – You can’t be what you can’t see

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February 2020 – update to the below boardroom research into Ethnic Diversity carried out by Piranha Photography –

Here is the link to the news article on the BBC talking about boardroom ethinic diversity –


It seems since the survey carried out by Piranha Photography in 2018 nothing much has change in the boardroom

The Parker report also found even lower representation at board level across FTSE 250 companies, where 119 out of 173 (69%) had no ethnic diversity.

Boardroom Ethnic Diversity - You can’t be what you can’t see 1

Original Research by Piranha Photography into Boardroom Ethnic Diversity in 2018 –

One of the pleasures of my work is being able to visit companies on their premises during photo-shoots. You learn a lot when inside the citadel.

One thing I  notice is that there’s often a big difference between the ethnic diversity of their workforces and that of the board of directors when it comes to the largest companies.

In short, at large companies their workforces are generally multicultural, reflecting the ethnic diversity of modern Britain.

But the boardrooms are not. I see very few directors from black or minority ethnic backgrounds sitting on big company boards.

As a photographer, I know how important images are to corporate story telling. If you see pictures of someone from a BAME background filling the most senior company roles, it sends a strongly encouraging message to others who aspire to reach the top of these organisations. It also demonstrates there are no barriers to anyone rising through the ranks regardless of their background.

Boardroom Ethnic Diversity - You can’t be what you can’t see 2

But my experience is one thing, but is this true of the other large UK companies I’ve never stepped a foot inside of?

To test my theories about the lack of board room diversity, Piranha analysed the latest annual reports of each of the FTSE 100 companies counting the numbers of photographs showing BAME board directors.

Our simple but effective way of measuring a board’s composition found that over half of the main boards (56 boards) have no directors that appear to be from Black or Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Moreover, out of the rest of the FTSE 100 companies with BAME directors on their main boards, 33 companies had just a single director from an apparently  BAME background.

Only one FTSE 100 company, Dubai-based healthcare group NMC Health PLC), had BAME directors in the majority (6 out of 11 directors) are non-white.

We also looked at women board directors. The good news is that none of the FTSE 100 boards comprised male only directors. The bad news is just one board – Royal Dutch Shell’s –  reached parity of the sexes with equal representation of male and female directors.

In wrapping up, while we wait for boards to boost their numbers of women and BAME directors, we can at least ensure corporate images of staff are ethnically diverse where possible, because it’s not difficult to achieve, as long as the people commissioning the photographs are wise to the issue.

I think your photographs are fantastic and there are some group shots in particular that capture a moment so perfectly and look so natural, I think they are brilliant. - Design Manager, Equistone Partners Europe Limited

Group Photograph of Communications Team for Website

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Piranha was commissioned to take a group photograph of the team at Farrer and Kane communications agency’s website.  This was to include all staff members. We arranged a central London studio where the photography could take place, then set up a backdrop and lighting. The brief was to create a fun shot of everyone together, and for it to be lively and reflect the atmosphere of the office.   Afterwards the selected digital image was provided in black and white to be used on the about us page of the company website.

On the day we also took individual corporate portrait photographs that could be used to accompany staff biographies, and be used in other marketing materials.

Group photography of Team including of all members of the communications company Individual portraits appearing on company website

Team Photography for Brochet, in New Andover Offices

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Great to have the opportunity to take the photography of the Brochet team in their new corporate offices near Andover.

The brief was to capture the team at work in a documentary style, so that disruption was kept to a minimum, but with a little guidance from the photographer, the best shots could be achieved in the time frame. It’s important to photograph staff actively engaged in their day to day work to produce more active and attractive images, which then look more believable for a website.

For this photography I used a very fast 50mm lens to allow the ambient light to be retained and keep the subject sharp and in focus with the background rendered softly out. Using the mood board and brief from the design agency, I ensured the reportage look throughout the day was consistent and that the photography would fit the style of the new website.

Team Photography for company

LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn Recommendation from corporate client after team photography

We now have a professional set of images we can use in any client-facing materials. - Client

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2019

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Christmas card from Piranha

To contact – Helen and Douglas House

Law Firm Photographer for Graduate Recruitment Brochures

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Piranha Photography was the law firm photographer commissioned by the law firm Cooley in London to take their graduate recruitment brochure photography. Young lawyers were asked to appear in the photographs, and you can see below some of the images for the law firm Cooley’s UK office in 2018 and 2019.

Photography by Piranha in 2018 Brochure –

Graduate Recruitment Brochure showing Photography by Piranha
Photographs of graduates at Cooley appearing in brochurePortraits of London trainees in law firms graduate brochure
Photograph of group of graduates in brochure
Photograph of various Cooley graduates in printed brochure Team photographed in London street with bus behind

Photography by Piranha in 2019 Brochure –

Graduates in meeting photographed for brochure
Images of graduates in conversation taken at law firms London offices
staff photographs - portraits
Image of graduates in street with London bus behind
Graduates pictured in London offices - appearing in graduate brochure
Photograph of grduates taken outside in london
Photography by Piranha on Website –
Website page with graduate photograph by Piranha for London law firm

NEWS FLASH – Choosing the right size image file means no more funny business

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Photograph showing Motorway Billboard

Choosing the right size image file means no more funny business

Many people, I’ve found, struggle to use digital picture files properly. Too many assume that a bigger file must be best, whether it’s for images in an email, billboards, a LinkedIn post, general website content, other marketing materials, or indeed those used throughout an Annual Report.

This is, completely untrue. There are ideal files sizes depending on the job they are there to do, and these can be very small indeed. For example, for LinkedIn content a smaller file produces sharper, more detailed images than anything larger, which is why this matters if you are trying to reproduce your best photographs or graphics.

Time magazine and LinkedIn Mockup with portrait

Here’s the brief technical explanation of how it works. A pixel is the smallest unit of any digital image. Today’s modern digital cameras produce images comprised of millions of them.

Each image has a height and width which can be measured in centimetres, inches or pixels. Pixels are actually the most useful measure because they provide all the data needed to cover any use. The pixel dimensions of a common, large monitor these days is 1920 x 1200 pixels. If you wish to send a full screen image to a colleague this is all the info you need. This file will only require about 250KB of disk space, which is much smaller than people imagine they need to send by email, especially when you think how rarely your image is needed to literally fill an entire screen.

This means a real world email-sized image that fills no more than half the screen would be much smaller. It’s not just that image will be sharper, the file you sent will leave your outbox faster and won’t clog up the recipient’s email inbox, which never goes down well with clients or colleagues.

If your image is destined for LinkedIn these are 400 x 400 pixels, which need only tiny 19KB files.

Just ask your photographer to resize images for you to the correct dimensions and then upload to LinkedIn etc and see the much better results.

Annual Report Front Cover Mockup with portrait

If you need to send a folder full of images I recommend using Photoshop. If this is a bit daunting, there are some nifty software apps like Fastone Resizer for PC or Image Resizer for Mac, which are easy to use and allow useful presets to be setup and stored such as ‘email’ or ‘LinkedIn’ etc.

These can be saved into a new folder when you are ready to send it out.

Another alternative is file sharing software like Dropbox. This is better when you have larger files, say for materials to be professionally printed, or if the total size of your folder exceeds 2MB because of the number of images in it.

There are ideal files sizes depending on the job they are there to do - Douglas, Photographer

Photography of Board of Directors for Company Website

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Photography of Board of directors at CQS. The company regularly commissions photographs of their staff and directors for their website. Below you can see the board of directors photography. Each member of the board’s environmental portrait was taken individually, once the selected shots had been chosen these were supplied ready for use by the client  –

Banner of website with company name

Directors portraits appearing on company website

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