A Mix of Photography for Bristol Company – Portraits and Office

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We have visited Graphcore‘s offices in Bristol on a number of occasions to capture shots of the their employees for the ‘Team’ page as well as working shots during workshops and office photography to give a sense of the environment. The images have been used to illustrate the website and also for press releases and news updates.

Photograph of CEO taken in Bristol for press and website

Working photography of founder of company

Photography of team and office for AI company based in Bristol Working shots around company offices for website Photography of working meeting for website of business

LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn recommendation by Bristol client

Office Photography and Video for Kingfisher Digital in London

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Piranha was commissioned by Kingfisher Digital as part of Kingfisher Plc to populate their website with new office photography and video interviews.

The company is on the forefront of coding and innovation, for their flagship stores.  They provide consumer facing software to aid and simplify the online shopping experience.

The photographic brief was to provide very contemporary and fresh images.  The pictures highlight the working environment within the offices which have a lively atmosphere.  There are inspirational leaders and the company is a fun place to work.

The photographs captured people, from the start of the day during the ‘stand ups’ review and planning meetings, through lunch, which is often themed, to staff in technical briefings and coding. The images help to recruit the growing need for quality staff, so as to achieve great things for the Kingfisher Group.

Office photography of staff members at work for Kingfisher Digital website home page

Working meeting photographed for new careers website Photograph used for new website taken in London offices of staff member Meeting photograph for new website to encourage new joiners

Office Photography for New Website meeting photography in London offices for new website Environmental meeting photography of meeting in London offices

Company Summer Party at Waddeson Manor in Buckinghamshire

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One of Piranha’s corporate clients held a summer party at Waddeson Manor, Buckinghamshire, not far from Oxford.  Here are a few of the photographs taken on the night –

Photography of entrance to Waddeson Manor Waddeson Manor Corporate event photograph Band member playing guitar at Waddeson Manor Photograph of exterior or Waddeson Manor with guests outside Guests having drinks at summer party outside   Guest during dinner at summer party in Buckinghamshire for corporate client Guests seated at dinner photographed during summer party Dinner at summer party for company Guests seated pictured during dinner

Internet Story Photography for Corporate Client

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Photograph of research professioinal at university in London

Elsevier required photography of Robert Homewood a researcher at Goldsmiths University in London. The photograph was to be used to illustrate an online story on the client’s website about Intelligent Games and Games Intelligence. The article discussed how technology and artificial intelligence is changing and informing the way that games are developed.

A number of shots were taken around the university with a view to them fitting into the ‘letterbox’/’banner’ format of a website page.



Hi Samantha, thanks for your quick turnaround time! Beautiful pictures, nice to meet you Rob (always nice to see a face alongside a name;)! - Brand Manager

Putting a Team Together for Oxford Client’s New Website Project

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Website design and photography team –

One of our client’s needed a fast turnaround of a new website with design and photography in a short time frame.  We quickly arranged both office and portrait photography as well as introducing the design team to work hand in hand with the client to produce a stunning new webdesign utilising Piranha’s photographs throughout.

Dear Samantha,

Just a brief update to thank you again for the wonderful photographs, and to let you know that things have progressed really well with Stephen and the website is already looking a whole lot more professional and modern.

Thank you so much for your help – so much appreciated, and we are really pleased with the way things are moving on.

Best wishes,

The finished website –

Webpage showing Piranha's Photographs

A few of the photographs used on the website –
Office working photograph for website

Office photography of Oxford Business Corporate Photographer London

Betfair – Annual Report and Website Photography in London

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Corporate photography for Betfair’s new corporate website. Betfair is the world’s biggest online betting company. The company’s betting exchange, a concept it pioneered, handles more than six million transactions every day. Betfair has over 3 million registered customers and operates a website that is offered in 17 different languages. The Company employs 2,300 staff worldwide, across 20 locations, 650 of which are engineers tasked with maintaining and improving Betfair’s betting exchange.

The photography brief was that Betfair needed corporate imagery to capture the following –

– Betfair is an exciting place to work.
– Betfair employees are energetic, industry-leaders.
– Betfair is world-leading technology company fuelled by a passion for innovation.
– Cutting-edge technology is at the core of what they do.
– Betfair is a global business.

Betfair photograph of emplolyees at work in Hammersmith office

Betfair corporate photograph of screens in Hammersmith office

Games Company Photographs of Team in Oxford

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Photographs taken in Oxford of the team at Eiconic Games individually and together as a group to go on their website.

Business Portrait for Eiconic Games taken in Oxford

Business Portrait for Eiconic Games taken in Oxford

Animated Business Portrait for Eiconic Games taken in Oxford

Group Business photographs of the members of Eiconic Games taken in Oxford