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Lifestyle Video for Interior Designer

Lifestyle Video for Interior Designer

The brief for the Video

Piranha Photography was asked to help produce a video as an introduction for a pitch that an interior design company was going to be making for a new development project in Malta.

The pitch was for the interior design aspect of the project and was to start or finish with a small video on luxury design and emotional connection to a sense of place and belonging a coveting of an environment of like minded people. The pace of the video too was important to establish a languid, sumptuous feel and thereby connect with the client.

The short narrative by the interior designer, edited over the footage, images and slides with a carefully chosen background music all inspire the viewer to the quality of Lynne’s work .

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Thank you!! Well done an amazing job, I am so impressed that I want to ask if we can do one as a marketing video for the company using the same ideas with many images from our project image bank....would you be up for that? Thank you so much, Best Lynne